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Amy Brennen Content Manager

Content Manager at Rapyd

Amy Brennen is an experienced fintech content writer and manager whose articles aim to educate and entertain. She has spent the past eight years authoring content on topics ranging from fintech to Artificial Intelligence to economic impact. Her writing is informed by her previous work as Content Manager at the fintech firm BankersLab and degrees in Economics, International Relations and Public Policy.

Amy has authored blogs, articles, research papers and more for organizations including the University of Southern California, the American Marketing Association, Hypersonix (Artificial Intelligence SAAS), Insight, Rapyd and more.

A person sit next to a table with a laptop, credit card, and cash

Understanding PCI Compliance

Understanding PCI compliance is essential for any business that accepts card payments, but what is PCI Compliance?  PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of standards established by the PCI Security Standards Council with the aim…

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