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Card Machine Rental


Sometimes you need to take the show or your business on the road. With our rental program, festivals, trade shows and pop-up shops can accept payments – problems not included.

Why Hire?

Card Machine Rental Is Perfect For:
  • Taking chip & PIN payments when on the road.
  • Adding payment machines at peak/seasonal times or special occasions.
  • Businesses that only need card machines at certain times of the year.
Get Started
No Long-Term Contract

Rapyd’s short-term hire service gives you a choice of PDQ machines, such as countertop card machines and mobile card readers. That accepts cards and mobile payments with no long-term commitment.

Hire for Special Events

Even if you don’t have a fixed business, you still need flexible ways for customers to pay. Our short-term credit card machine rental is perfect for festivals, music events, exhibitions, auctions, and farmers’ markets.

Three Days to Three Months

Debit and credit card machine hire is available from 3 days to 3 months. A short-term rental is also useful for peak seasonal periods of demand, such as Christmas and Easter, when you need more machines.

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