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Service Payments Solutions


From plumbers to opticians and vets to locksmiths, Rapyd makes payments effortless for service businesses.

Improve Efficiency.
Increase Focus.

Rapyd has the proper payment solutions for all kinds of service businesses. Save time and get paid fast with reliable payment technology you can trust online, at the office or in the field.


Countertop Card Machines
Use a countertop card machine in businesses where customers are served from a fixed checkout location like salons or florists.

Mobile Card Machines
Mobile card machines work best for onsite services requiring travel to different locations for installations, repairs and service where Wi-Fi isn’t always available.

Wi-Fi Card Machines
Wi-Fi card machines provide a convenient way for customers to pay in intimate settings with reliable Wi-Fi access like massage therapy sessions and tattoo appointments.

Online Payments
Expand globally by optimizing checkout with your customers’ preferred local payment methods. Offer your services worldwide with online payment solutions that work for your service business: hosted online checkout, plugins for ecommerce platforms and payment links that let you add payments anywhere you can copy and paste.

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