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Virtual Accounts


Take the hassle and expense out of international money transfers by getting paid into local accounts in your customers’ home countries.

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Virtual Accounts

You Don’t Have to Be There to Bank There

Give international customers a convenient way to pay via local bank transfers and currencies. All without the hassle of setting up and managing local bank accounts.
  • Available in over 40 countries and 25 currencies
  • Reduce fees and simplify reconciliation and management
  • Create as many Virtual Accounts as you need
  • Let customers pay in their local currency
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Virtual Accounts. Real Convenience.


Avoid the additional banking fees, extra reconciliation, and hassle of managing multiple international bank accounts.


Create as many Virtual Accounts as you need for single or repeated use.


Use Rapyd Disburse to pay out funds collected via Virtual Accounts.

Global Transactions. Like Doing Business Next Door.

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Simplified Reconciliation

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Local Bank Acceptance

Local Bank Acceptance

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Global Reach


Rapyd Virtual Accounts are account numbers, such as virtual IBAN accounts, that are connected to your Rapyd Wallet. Virtual Accounts are associated with a country and function as local bank accounts in that country.

Virtual Account numbers look like regular bank account numbers. Customers can make bank transfers to the Virtual Account number in their local currency. Customers can reuse the same account number as long as your Rapyd account is active. Read our docs to learn more.

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The benefits of using Virtual Accounts include lowering fees and reducing the time associated with managing local banking relationships. Virtual Accounts can be allocated by country, currency or customer. You can easily identify incoming payments and group numerous payments into a single Rapyd Wallet, which can simplify reconciliation. Your customers will also appreciate the convenience of paying with bank transfers in their local currency.

Eligible Rapyd clients located worldwide who want to get paid with local bank transfers from 40+ countries and over 25 currencies. Clients do not need to be in the country or region specified by the country code in order to create a Virtual Account using that country code. Clients must meet risk conditions and operate a permitted business in non-sanctioned countries. Clients who are high risk and/or operate in prohibited industries may not be supported.

To get started with Virtual Accounts, contact sales.

Rates vary by region. Contact Rapyd for details.

Send your Virtual Account number to customers via the checkout page, invoice, and more. Customers send payments via standard bank transfer in their local currency.

In addition to settling to a bank account, you can disburse funds collected with Virtual Accounts to other recipients by using Rapyd Disburse.

Collect Payments Like a Local