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The Fastest Way
to Accept and
Send Payments

Payment Solutions that Power
Local and Cross-Border Commerce
for Any Business

Ricardo Reis, Financial Operations

It is challenging to find partners to scale payouts across the Americas and Europe. Rapyd is making it happen.

Bruno Fournies, Title

Rapyd’s Global Payments Network helps us innovate new products and reach new markets from one platform.

Name, Title

Rapyd was able to get us up and running fast.

Cristian Huertas, Country Manager Mexico

Other providers ignore cash acceptance, but it’s one of many use cases where Rapyd thrives.

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Our Capabilities Across Industries
and Around the Globe


Lower Cart abandonment, Convert Customers
in More Countries


Simplify Online Selling and Cross‑Border Payouts

Marketplaces & Platforms

Accept and Disburse Funds with Local Payment Methods

Banks & Fintech

Embed Fintech and Local Payments into Your Applications

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Rapyd Checkout

Integrate Localized
Checkout into Your
Sites and Apps

The fastest and easiest way to customize any local payment experience.

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Rapyd Payments Plugins

Pre-Built Payments Solutions for
eCommerce Platforms

Start accepting popular online payment methods in 100+ countries today.

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Rapyd Payments Plugins
Plugins Mobile

No Code Solutions

Accept Digital
Payments Instantly

Create your Rapyd account and start sending payment requests to customers today.

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Payment APIs and SDKs that Power Innovation

Build and deploy globally scalable payment, payout and fintech applications from a single platform.

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1	{
2		"amount": 9.99,
3		"currency": "EUR",
4		"payment_method": {
5			"type": "de_visa_card",
6			"fields": {
7				"number": "4111111111111111",
8				"expiration_month": "12",
9				"expiration_year": "23",
10				"name": "Jonas Beck",
11				"cvv": "345"
12			}
13		}
14	} 


The World’s Largest
Local Payments Network

Accept Payments and Send Payouts

B2B and B2C Solutions

Cards, Bank Transfers, eWallets, Cash

Global Fintech as a Service Platform

Hundreds of Payment Methods Worldwide

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