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Kadmos Goes Full Steam Ahead with Global Payments

Rapyd helps Kadmos stay the course and securely pay employees across the globe.


Kadmos offers global shipping companies a way to securely pay seafarers anywhere in the world.

Kadmos trusts Rapyd to:

  • Collect payments from shipping companies and prefund accounts to send payments
  • Send secure payments to a global workforce of employees and contractors
  • Onboard new companies and seafarers quickly using Rapyd’s KYC and KYB capabilities
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Rapyd helped Kadmos more than double the number of countries where they send payouts. Thanks to Rapyd, they are enabled to pay out in over 900 locally preferred methods.


Countries Added for Accepting & Sending Payments


Local & Alternative Payment Methods


Currencies Enabled to Send and Receive Funds

Kadmos Keeps Their Global Payments Shipshape With Rapyd


Kadmos is an end-to-end salary payments platform that powers secure payments to employees across the globe. With benefits for shipping companies and seafarers, Kadmos saves its customers time and money.

The Kadmos app, website and a Kadmos card


When it comes to paying workers, the shipping industry struggles with disjointed systems that slow down payments and drive up costs. Too often, Seafarers are paid in cash. Because they can spend months aboard vessels they need a better way to receive wages electronically – so they can pay bills and send money back home.

A dotted line leading to a cargo ship depicting sending payouts to crew members on ships.


Rapyd’s expertise in global cross-border and local payments has helped Kadmos accept and send payments to over 75 countries in less than a year. Kadmos uses the following Rapyd products:

Global Disbursement icon

Rapyd Disburse
Payout to 190+ countries while cutting transfer and foreign exchange fees.

Rapyd Wallet icon

Rapyd Wallet
Simplify and manage funds with a robust ledger system and sub-wallet infrastructure.

Cards icon

Rapyd Issuing
Issue pre-funded cards that can be used to buy items in person, withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases online.

Simplify Global Payments with Rapyd