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Embedded Fintech

Make Payments Your
Competitive Advantage

Embed financial services into your products, applications and processes.

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Why Rapyd?

Transform Your
Business into a
Revenue-Generating Powerhouse

Rapyd's Embedded Fintech Solution is the key to unlocking the next level of profitability for your software.
Here’s how Rapyd enables you to create new revenue opportunities:
  • Monetize Your Platform: Transform transaction and foreign exchange fees from a cost into a revenue opportunity.
  • Enhance User Experiences: Provide seamless, integrated financial services that improve experiences, increase use and lower churn.
  • Empower Developers: Give developers the tools to build any type of financial experience.
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Embedded Fintech
Elevates Your Business

Integrate financial services directly into non-financial platforms or applications, providing users with seamless access to these services without leaving your platform.


An eCommerce platform provides subscription options at the point of purchase.


A marketplace creates accounts and issues cards to pay sellers on their platform.


A B2B SaaS platform offers a payments module that its customers can use to accept payments

Advance Commerce In Any Market

Tell us about your business and your needs so we can deliver the best fintech solutions for you.

Embedded Fintech:
How to Monetize
Your Platform

Embedded fintech improves the user experience and also opens up new revenue streams for businesses. 

  • Earn revenue from payments
  • Use subscriptions to increase usage and sales
  • Create long term and more impactful financial relationships
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Empower Developers
to Build Bold

Rapyd provides developers with a powerful suite of tools to build the future of fintech

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Explore Products

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Rapyd Collect
A comprehensive payments solution that enables businesses to accept payments worldwide with cards, bank transfers, ewallets and cash.

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Rapyd Disburse
A global disbursement platform that allows businesses to send payments to recipients in their preferred method in 190+ countries.

Rapyd Wallet Icon

Rapyd Wallet
A flexible digital ledger and wallet solution that allows businesses to hold send, and receive money with built-in foreign exchange.

Rapyd Card Issuing Icon

Rapyd Issuing
A robust card issuing platform that allows businesses to issue their own virtual and physical payment cards.

Rapyd Virtual Accounts Icon

Rapyd Virtual Accounts
Create virtual accounts to receive and send funds without the need to manage local banking relationships in multiple regions.


Read the Forrester report to see how businesses spend 70% less time on payments and save millions on transaction fees.

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