Accept Local Payment Methods in WooCommerce from 100+ Countries with the Rapyd Payments Plugin

If you’re looking to grow your business’s reach across international markets, adding custom payment methods in WooCommerce is an important step. The Rapyd Payments Plugin for WooCommerce is the fastest way to automatically offer the most popular payment methods wherever your customers are, including cards, bank transfers, ewallets and even cash for digital transactions.

Why Accepting Local Payment Methods Is Important

Over 4 billion people worldwide don’t use credit cards.1 To successfully reach and sell to consumers globally, businesses must be able to customize their checkout experience with the payment methods customers prefer.

Global cross-border ecommerce is estimated to reach $1 trillion in 20232 and cross-border shopping will make up 20 percent of ecommerce by 2024.3 Merchants should make cross-border online shopping a priority, and customizing checkout with your customers’ locally preferred payment methods is a vital part of that strategy. In fact, more people globally are engaging in digital commerce than ever.4

Online Consumers Using Digital Payment Methods for the First Time as a Result of COVID-19

  • 20% of Chinese consumers have used a digital payment method for the first time
  • 15% of Italian consumers have used a digital payment method for the first time
  • 11% of US consumers have used a digital payment method for the first time

People who engaged in ecommerce for the first time in 2020 around the world

How Rapyd Makes it Easy to Add Custom Payment Methods in WooCommerce

The Rapyd Payments Plugin for WooCommerce lets you accept payments online with WordPress and grow your global customer base. You can add all of the most popular payment methods, including debit and credit cards, bank transfer, ewallets and even cash, for digital transactions in over 100 countries. Your customers can settle in the currency of their choice so it makes checkout feel local for them-wherever they’re located, and Rapyd helps manage compliance and secure transactions with AI-powered fraud monitoring no matter where you’re doing business.

Offering a personalized experience is a huge draw for consumers, and letting your customers use their preferred payment methods can make the difference between completing the sale and losing their interest.

Add Custom Payment Methods in WooCommerce with the Rapyd Payments Plugin



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