Rapyd is the best online payment processor for businesses who want a local acquiring partner in Europe and Singapore and who want to accept international payments using credit cards and alternative payment methods globally. 

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to follow to get started accepting credit card payments online with Rapyd and link to helpful resources. 

Whether you’re looking to add payment links to invoices, add a hosted checkout page to your website, or a developer looking to integrate payments via API, this article will help you get started quickly. 

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Steps to Accept Credit Card Payments Online with Rapyd

Step 1: Confirm your business Is located in a Rapyd Supported Country. 

Rapyd works with businesses that have locations in 70+ countries, territories and regions worldwide, so there’s a good chance we can work with you. 

Step 2: Check our prohibited and restricted businesses list to ensure we can support your business. 

If you’re on the restricted list, it doesn’t mean we can’t help, but we will require some additional documentation to onboard you, so be sure to contact us

Step 3: Contact Us.

Be sure to include details about your industry, specific use cases and any questions you have in the “How can we help you?” box on our form. 

Step 4: Create your Rapyd Account.

If you’re a developer, you can get your API keys in our Client Portal and start building out your integration and safely test It in the Sandbox. You can toggle your Client Portal to Sandbox mode to view your test data.

Step 5: Complete Your KYB Application

In the Client Portal click on “Activate Account” to complete the KYB (know your business) process and add your bank account information for payouts. Select Start Application on the left-hand menu in the Client Portal to get started.

The KYB approval process may take up to 30 days before your application is approved and your account can be activated.

Step 6: Start Accepting Payments Online  

Once KYB is complete, you can start accepting payments worldwide and settling funds.

Rapyd lets you accept payments online in multiple ways and you can choose one or more of these Rapyd Collect solutions:

API – Integrate Rapyd into your websites, applications and workflows and create unique commerce experiences.

Hosted Checkout – Shoppers are redirected to a Rapyd checkout page with your business’s branding. It’s an easy way to accept payments without managing payments infrastructure. 

Developer Toolkit – For a seamless payment experience and more control over the look and feel of your checkout experience.

Plugins – Effortless payments for popular ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. 

Virtual Terminal – Accept payments over the phone or in person with Rapyd’s virtual terminal on your computer or mobile device. 

Payment Links – Copy and paste links to a hosted checkout page to add payments to invoices, emails, web pages or anywhere you can paste a link. 

Why Rapyd Is the Best Way to Collect Payments Online

Rapyd has the tools to accept customer payments globally.

  • Get funds fast and spend less time managing payments
  • Accept more payments. Sell to more customers. 900+ local payment methods worldwide
  • Wherever you’re looking to grow, we have solutions that helps make it possible
  • One solution to manage complex local requirements and regulations globally
  • We are your payments problem solvers that let you spend less time on payments and more time on your core business
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