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The Best Magento Payment Solution for Global Sales

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Magento Payment Solution

Rapyd provides Magento users with a sophisticated global ecommerce payment solution.

Need a Magento Payment Solutions to accept local payment methods worldwide? Get the most from your ecommerce store with Rapyd’s comprehensive payments extension for Magento. Rapyd provides a single integration and over 900 payment methods, all designed to power global commerce. Rapyd’s Magento payments extension helps users expand their global reach into new channels and regions, all from a single platform.

Rapyd’s Payments Plugin for Magento Gives Merchants Cards+ Solutions to Power Global Commerce

For many merchants, a key objective is expanding cross-border and reaching a growing global consumer market. For that, they need a strategy that includes local and alternative payment methods, in addition to credit cards.

To accept the most popular payment methods across different countries, Magento requires a third-party gateway, or plugin. Rapyd offers the most comprehensive payments plugin for Magento that lets merchants quickly and easily offer payment methods that help increase cart conversions around the world.

Try the Rapyd Magento Payments Plugin for Free

Why Local and Alternative Payment Methods are Crucial for Your eCommerce Site

While 2020 brought about unexpected changes, cross-border ecommerce volumes still managed to usher in double-digit growth. Plus, many regions saw an increase in alternative payment methods, including instant and mobile payments such as GrabPay. Investments in alternative and local payment methods like digital wallets and bank transfers are also trending upward, driven by customer expectations for quick, user-friendly cashless applications. (McKinsey)

As merchants expand into different markets, the ability to accept credit cards plus locally preferred payment methods is essential.

Add the Rapyd Payments Plugin for Magento

Rapyd provides merchants with a simple way to pay using local preferred payment methods worldwide, including cards, bank transfers, ewallets and cash. Enhance your global payment capabilities and reach new markets faster with the Rapyd Payments Plugin for Magento.



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