Choose the Right OpenCart Payment Gateway to Grow Your Sales Globally

OpenCart is a free, increasingly popular open-source ecommerce platform that allows businesses to create a highly-tailored ecommerce experience. OpenCart comes with a number of core payment providers pre-installed and even more payment plugins available in their extension store.

Choosing the right one can help your business succeed and to meet your specific goals, such as supporting: 

  • More countries
  • More payment methods
  • More eCommerce capabilities
  • Protection from fraud and chargebacks

Finding one that supports all these goals can be a challenge, which is why we’ve reviewed Paypal, Rapyd, and Square, the top OpenCart payment plugins.

You may find you need to use multiple payment plugins. Many merchants find they need more than one payment plugin to fill these gaps and meet all of their diverse payment needs.

By understanding the critical features of each, you can choose the right OpenCart payment plugin, and you’ll make your customers happy, grow your sales and make doing international business easy.

List of the Top OpenCart Payment Plugins

Paypal for OpenCart

When it comes to cards, Paypal for OpenCart offers fair rates for domestic transactions and enables you to accept card payments from 26 countries without monthly fees. 

Every Paypal transaction is subject to a fixed fee and variable fee. For international transactions, you’ll pay significantly more in fees, with an additional cross-border fee and currency conversion fee. 

For a standard credit and debit card payment, Paypal merchants can expect to pay 2.99% [Variable Fee] + around $0.49 [Fixed Fee]. International transactions will incur two more fees: a cross-border fee and a currency conversion fee.

  • Cross-Border Fee: For all international commercial transactions, there is an additional 1.50% percentage-based fee, except for Amex cards
  • Currency Conversion Fee: For all transactions involving a currency conversion by PayPal, the transaction exchange rate will also include a currency conversion spread of 3% – 4%

So if you are doing business globally, Paypal’s high global transaction fees can quickly chip away at your profits.

Key Features

  • Over 100 currencies with a simple-to-use interface  
  • International credit card services
  • Recognized by global customers
  • Payments you receive as a merchant can take time, and are not transferred directly to your bank account
  • Paypal’s international transactions are subject to very high fees 

Rapyd for OpenCart

Rapyd’s OpenCart payment plugin lets you accept credit cards and hundreds of other payment methods, including local and alternative payment methods from all over the globe, giving more customers access to your business.

While accepting credit cards is critical, in certain countries they make up just a small fraction of online ecommerce payments. 16% of shoppers will abandon their cart when their preferred payment option isn’t available, meaning you’ll also want to offer local payment methods (FuturePay).

Save Big on Transaction Fees 

The Rapyd OpenCart Plugin was built with international companies in mind and provides local settlement in your currency of choice, making it ideal for global businesses. 

Pricing will depend on where your business is located, with some of the lowest possible rates available for UK and European domiciled businesses accepting European cards. Pricing is as follows: 

Key Features

  • Easily receive payments
  • Available in more countries
  • Competitive and transparent pricing, only pay a small fee per transaction 
  • Includes merchant support, ACH payment processing, localized checkout, pre-built payment solutions, and fraud protection

Square for OpenCart

The Square OpenCart integration makes it simple to integrate Square with OpenCart.

This is especially convenient for merchants already using Square POS with online shops and physical store locations. Square for OpenCart has flat-rate pricing, provides merchant support, and enables both online and in-person sales.

If you are like most ecommerce merchants and looking to accept card payments, Square for OpenCart only supports card payments for merchants based in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan. So if your business is looking to accept cards and is located elsewhere, you’ll need to find another OpenCart payment gateway that can support merchants across 50+ countries.

Key Features

  • Flat-rate pricing. 2.9% + $.30 (2.5% for UK, 2.2% for AU, and 3.6% for JP) per online transaction for cards
  • Card payments are only supported for merchants located in 5 countries (U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan)
  • Support sales both online and in-person

What’s the Best Third-Party Payment Gateway for OpenCart?

The best payment gateway for you is the one that supports all of your business goals, whether it’s giving your customers more ways to pay, supporting more countries, or avoiding high fees to save big.

Many merchants will use more than one payment plugin to expand their to meet all of their payment needs. You may even find using multiple payment plugins is the best option for your OpenCart store.

Understanding the differences between these three popular Opencart payment plugins, allows you to select the best option to increase cart conversions and grow your ecommerce worldwide, no matter where you do business.



FuturePay. “The Big Ticket: What’s Stopping Shoppers? A study on consumer online shopping habits and payment preferences.” 2017.  

Sell to More OpenCart Customers Globally

Rapyd for OpenCart let you accept hundreds of payment methods, including credit cards and alternative payment methods from all over the globe, giving more customers access to your business. Our plugin for OpenCart is built for international businesses and with local settlement your currency of choice, making it one of the most comprehensive options available. 

  • Don’t wait, start selling right away
  • Accept payments worldwide
  • Fast, reliable customer service
  • Fast, next day settlement

Discover how Rapyd makes payments easy with prebuilt ecommerce plugins and extensions.

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