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Rapyd Pricing

Simple Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Offer Any and All Locally Preferred Payments to Power Growth Around the Globe

Payment Methods that Drive Sales

2.9% + 30¢

Per successful transaction

Accept payments
and make payouts

No setup

24×7 customer

No surprise

Enterprise Customers

Receive specialized pricing for high payment volume.

Why Rapyd?


With the ability to collect and
disburse in 900+ payment methods
the Rapyd Global Payments Network
connects you with more customers,
workers and sellers.


One Rapyd integration is all
you need to expand your
reach in over 100 countries


Integrated fintech simplifies
payments with built-in fraud
monitoring, compliance, FX and
single settlement.

Features that Power
More Business in More Places

One Integration,
A World of Opportunity

  • 100+ Countries
  • 900+ Local Payment Methods
  • Payments, payouts, Whitelabel ewallets & card issuing

Smart Security to Power
Peace of Mind

  • Advanced Fraud Monitoring & ID Verification
  • Compliance, KYC, AML, CTF & sanctions
  • Tokenized & encrypted transaction info

Advanced Client Portal &

  • Near-time transaction reporting
  • Drill-down transaction detail
  • Ad hoc queries

Simplified Local
& Cross-Border Commerce

  • Single Settlement in 65+ Currencies
  • Fast and easy Foreign Exchange
  • Select preferred currencies and confirm rates for payouts

Same-Day and
Next-Day Funding

  • Control payout timing
  • Multi-currency settlement and reconciliation
  • Robust account management tools

Simple and Straightforward
Developer Experience

  • API documentation, use cases & developer sandbox
  • SDK to create more effective iOS and Android experiences
  • Globally scalable, secure and redundant cloud infrastructure

Integrate Payments Seamlessly Into Your
Checkout Experiences and Business Processes

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