Ebanx is a Brazilian Payment Gateway that Supports Various Payment Methods and Allows Global Businesses to Trade with Latin America.

For those wondering what is Ebanx – and what they do – Ebanx is a payment platform that allows people to make online purchases even if they don’t have credit or debit cards by accepting local payment methods throughout LATAM.

This is especially important in Latin America and the Caribbean, where nearly half of the population is unbanked or underbanked. Ebanx allows consumers to pay with either: Credit and debit cards (both local and international) and alternative payment methods. Ebanx was founded in 2012 to connect businesses to Latin American consumers and helps businesses to navigate Latin America’s complex regulatory structure and payment preferences which vary significantly by country.

What is Ebanx – And What Does Ebanx Do?

They offer solutions for international payments, including:

  • Payment Processing
  • Installments
  • Recurring Payments
  • Localization Consulting

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Is Ebanx a Payment Gateway?

Ebanx is an all-in-one payment platform, which allows merchants to sell online through a localized payment gateway in Latin America.

Does Ebanx Support Local Payment Methods Preferences in Latin America?

Latin American consumers have more limited access to traditional banking and distinctive preferences for certain payment methods. Businesses must understand these differences before doing business and sending and receiving payments in Latin America and the Caribbean. If they don’t, they will miss out on crucial market opportunities. Here are three key differences worth understanding.

1. Many Use the Voucher System for Online Cash Payments

Around 20% of total eCommerce purchases in Latin America are paid in cash using a coupon/invoice network, such as Boleto in Brazil and Oxxo in Mexico.

2. Limited Use of Cards for Payments

Credit cards and debit cards aren’t the only solutions or even the most popular ones. LATAM credit card ownership rates by country ranged from as high as 30 percent for Chile to just under 5 percent in Honduras, although post-pandemic these rates have risen (World Bank). For eCommerce payments, credit cards are the most popular payment method (57%), however, cash vouchers (14%), debit (11%), and ewallets (10%) also are widely used and should not be ignored (Americas Market Intelligence).

3. Installments Are Popular

Approximately 50% of all eCommerce in Brazil is done via installments, and they enable consumers to make discretionary purchases for things like jewelry, electronics and travel, that they otherwise couldn’t afford (U.S. Department of Commerce).


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