How to add local and alternative payment options for Wix.

If you’re using Wix for ecommerce and want to reach customers across borders, you need a strategy that goes beyond credit card payments alone. Instead, you must offer options for localized digital payment methods customers prefer.

Why You Need Local Payment Methods for Your Wix eCommerce Site

In a world of growing digital payment options, merchants need to accept traditional credit cards as well as local payment methods to stay relevant and attract buyers in different markets around the world.

One of the benefits of Wix for ecommerce is that it allows users to add on third-party Wix payment gateways via Wix payment plugins. This lets merchants accept payments by methods including credit cards, ewallets, bank transfers and even cash for digital transactions.

Why Accepting Local Payment Methods is Critical for Wix Merchants Looking to Grow Sales:

Digital Payments are on the Rise

Globally, consumers spent nearly $3.46 trillion online in 2019 (Digital Commerce 360). In China and the U.S., two of the world’s largest ecommerce markets, 20% of Chinese consumers and 11% of US consumers reported using a digital payment method for the first time in 2020. (Forrester)

What’s more, mobile payments are gaining in popularity. Already in 2019, 67% of all global ecommerce transactions were made using a mobile device. (Statista)

Global and Cross-Border eCommerce is Growing

Offering customers more choices when it comes to online payment methods drives increased conversions and customer loyalty as you expand to new international markets.

eCommerce will exprience growth globally

Even before the pandemic, 91% of U.S. merchants surveyed ranked cross-border sales as a moderate to high priority. In order to be successful with cross-border sales, merchants must localize their accepted payment methods such as accepting bank transfers and ewallets in Southeast Asia, or offering cash vouchers and local credit cards in Latin America.

Alternative Payment Methods Create Trust in New Markets

Payments are an essential aspect of the customer experience when shopping online, so it’s important to make the process straightforward, familiar, and trustworthy.

By offering locally preferred payment methods in Wix, merchants can drive more conversions and increase customer loyalty — especially when launching in new markets where customers have different payment preferences.  Providing options for localized payment methods helps generate trust, improve the customer experience, and build loyalty for greater sales conversions over time.

Rapyd helps provide such a solution with the Rapyd Payments Plug-in for Wix. Rapyd’s easy no-coding-required Wix payment processing plugin can help grow sales around the world by providing customers with the option to pay using their preferred payment methods across the world’s top ecommerce markets.



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