Learn the pros and cons of the new Wix payments option to determine if it is the right payments product for your business.

Website provider Wix recently launched its own in-house payments gateway, which can be used in addition to or instead of other payment methods. The new Wix Payments option is included in their business payment plan and is intended to integrate with their customers’ sites. The idea behind Wix Payments processing option is to offer a secure, efficient and convenient payment method for businesses.

But with its limited international availability, products and services bans, and card processing fees on top of monthly subscription fees, it is important to understand the limits of this option. There are pros and cons to accepting payments with Wix Payments and these are crucial factors to consider when choosing your website’s ecommerce payment integration.

Should You Use Wix Payments Option for Cross-Border Business?

While Wix Payments offers a streamlined solution that eliminates the need for third-party processing, it is not suitable for every business. The Wix Payments option is unavailable in many countries. The ease it provides for some merchants on the backend could become an expensive prospect for others, especially for those in the global marketplace that must consider transaction fees, currencies, and availability to their customers. 

Should Your Business Use the Official Wix Payments Option?

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Pros and Cons 

Pros of Wix Payments

  • Wix Payments is fast and easy to set up and manage from your Wix dashboard
  • Accept cards and some additional payment options like PayPal
  • No additional chargeback fees for refunds

Cons of Wix Payments

  • An extensive list of prohibited products and services
  • Only available in 14 mostly European countries, unavailable in South America, Oceania, Africa, much of the EU and North America.
  • Wix Payments only supports five different currencies, and it is not possible to sell products in multiple currencies.
  • There is a transaction fee on top of the monthly business or eCommerce plan that makes it costlier than many competitors.

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What Businesses Should Consider a Wix Payments Alternative?

Wix Payments doesn’t penalize businesses with extra transaction fees when they use third-party payment gateways, which is typical of some of Wix’s competitors. If you are a business that conducts cross-border commerce, the Wix Payments option may not be the best fit. Additionally, businesses domiciled in a country that Wix Payments doesn’t support will also require a different payment solution

Emerging Solutions For International Payment Processing

The Rapyd Payments Plugin for Wix is the best solution for accepting online payments using hundreds of payment methods worldwide. Rapyd offers transparent pricing and built-in fraud monitoring. Our plugins have a global reach, with local and alternative payment options available and support in countries around the world. 

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