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6 Tips for Choosing your Wix Payment Gateway 

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  • 6 Tips for Choosing your Wix Payment Gateway 

Learn How to Choose the Best Wix Payment Gateway Option for Your Business.

Using Wix for ecommerce? Then you’ll need a reliable way to accept payments from your customers, wherever they reside. If you’re just getting started accepting payments on Wix, here are some tips for choosing your Wix payment gateway and making it work for you.

1. Figure Out Your Customer’s Preferred Payment Methods

Figuring out your payment methods will depend on your location as well as the regions from which you accept payment. First, identify your target customer location. Then, consider how buyers in your target countries like to pay. Do they use cash? credit cards? ewallets? What payment methods do they trust? Learning your customers’ preferred payment methods will help you determine the best payment methods to accept through your Wix Payment Gateway.

2. Compare the Fees and Operating Locations of Available Wix Payment Gateway Providers

Once you have a sense of where your buyers reside or where you’ll likely expand in the future, you can begin to compare available payment providers. Wix offers the ability to accept online payments using over 50 payment gateways around the world. You’ll also need to ensure that your preferred payment gateway accepts merchants domiciled in your country, which can be found on this list of available payment providers by country.

All payment gateways charge transaction fees, which vary by country. For example, some payment providers charge a percentage plus a flat fee amount on top of that (i.e.  2.9% + 30 cents). Be sure to research if there are any setup fees or extra charges for fraud protection or recurring payments. Some providers charge more for support or additional services.

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3. Localize Checkout and Accept Multiple Currencies

Your goal is to help buyers feel confident shopping in their own language with prices displayed in their local currency. Wix helps you localize the checkout experience with the Language & Region tab in your site’s dashboard, which also includes the Site Currency section so you can easily choose a currency option from the drop-down list.

If you want to display multiple currencies, you can set up a currency converter to show customers prices in their preferred currency.

4. Create a Customer-Friendly Checkout Experience

When setting up a Wix payment gateway or payment processing option, keep the customer experience in mind. A great customer checkout experience is important to fulfilling the sale.  To create a customer-friendly checkout experience, make pricing information crystal clear. There should be no confusion about what a customer will be charged.

Additionally, show accurate shipping costs and timelines. The customer will want to know when they can expect their items and how much they’ll pay for shipping. Lastly, make your business’s contact information easy to find. If a customer needs additional support, they won’t want to spend time hunting for a phone number or chat box.

5. Ensure your Payments are Secure

Establishing secure payments and avoiding costly chargeback fraud are critical measures no matter what payment gateway you choose. Ask yourself: Does the payment provider you’ve chosen offer secure payment support for customers and merchants alike? Consider choosing a payment provider with local expertise and clear support documentation. This way, you can rest assured you’re delivering secure ecommerce experiences.

6. Upgrade to a Premium Wix Account to Accept Payments

Before you can accept Wix payments, be sure you have a premium Wix account. Additionally, don’t forget to complete your account setup. This way, you’ll be sure all the important pieces are in place before you launch your online store and begin accepting payments.

To ensure you’re selecting the right payment provider, you’ll want to begin by figuring out your payment methods, compare the fees and operating locations of potential payment providers and ensure you’re setting up a localized checkout that accepts multi-currency payments. Make certain your provider offers secure payments, and don’t forget to upgrade to a premium Wix account to be able to accept payments.

This way you’ll have a customer-friendly, high-converting checkout experience.

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