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Learn from our experts about how you can support multiple payment methods and see how to use different eCommerce payment plugin solutions to improve sales. Discover how accepting more local and cross-border payments options is helping ecommerce merchants to enhance customer engagement, reduce churn, and earn more revenue. 

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What is Is an International Payment Platform that Processes Different Payment Methods Across a Variety of Currencies. Its fee structure depends on a number of factors such as card type, merchant’s location, and the consumer’s issuing bank, with fees passed directly…

  • May 11, 2022

What Is Wix – And How Can It Grow Global eCommerce?

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that includes web hosting and design services. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop tools and over 500+ ready-made templates help you build your website without either having specialist skills or hiring a web developer. Wix accelerates the…

  • May 10, 2022
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What Is Worldpay?

Worldpay Is a Merchant Services and Payment Processing Provider Offering a Payment Gateway for Online Transactions. This company is now known as ‘Worldpay from FIS’ since its acquisition. They are a leading global payments technology business with over 30 years…

  • May 7, 2022

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Using contactless mobile payment

Why Your Business Needs to Accept Google Pay Today

Businesses that accept Google Pay reduce cart abandonment, keep transactions secure, and reach more customers. The only person more valuable than a customer is a repeat customer. With its simple to use, seamless payment capacities, accepting Google Pay will keep…

  • March 31, 2022
Young man and woman manage ecommerce

OpenCart vs WooCommerce: Which Is Better for Your Business?

When it comes to open-source ecommerce platforms, which is better for eCommerce: OpenCart vs WooCommerce? If you’re choosing between OpenCart vs WooCommerce, you’re not alone. But deciding isn’t as easy as it seems, which is why we’ve created an overview…

  • March 10, 2022
man shopping online with credit card

What’s the best Prestashop plugin for international payments?

Paypal, Stripe or Rapyd: What's the best Prestashop plugin for global eCommerce? Just having a couple of the right payments features can end up creating a world of difference for your global sales. To increase your revenue and improve the…

  • February 15, 2022
Woman shopping for clothing

Magento vs. PrestaShop: Which Is Better for Your Business?

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, which is better: Magento vs. Prestashop? What are the pros and cons of Magento vs. Prestashop? The choice doesn’t have to be complicated. We break down the comparison to help you choose the best…

  • February 8, 2022
Woman and man looking at laptop together

Getting Started with Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses 

Here’s how the right card payment gateway can be the difference between high fees – and high profits for small businesses going global. Making the Right Small Business Credit Card Processing Choice is Key It’s no secret that accepting credit…

  • January 17, 2022
A smartphone displaying social media apps

Social Commerce in Latin America: The New Ecommerce Opportunity

As Latin America embraces social media, more consumers are turning to social shopping as well. Social commerce is shopping done via social media apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook without leaving the platform. Products may appear as organic posts,…

  • January 5, 2022
Credit cards and a shopping cart lie next to a laptop

Here Are The Retail eCommerce Metrics that Forrester Says Matter

Forrester’s Report, The Retail Ecommerce Metrics That Matter, Details the Metrics Critical for Measurement, Ecommerce Success. To achieve key business goals such as increasing retail sales, digital business retail executives need to ensure that they have the right ecommerce metrics…

  • December 1, 2021

Ecwid vs. Shopify: Which is Better for Ecommerce Merchants? 

Grow global sales and build a loyal customer base with the ecommerce solution that fits your business. You've heard of Shopify, but could Ecwid be the better ecommerce solution for you? While Shopify is one of the top names in…

  • September 18, 2021
Young man on laptop looking for ecommerce payment plugin solutions

4 Tips for Choosing your Ecwid Payment Gateway Plugin

Learn how to Select the Best Ecwid Payment Gateway Plugin to Make the Most of your Store.  If you’re planning on using Ecwid as a platform for your ecommerce business, make sure you can reliably and securely accept payments. This…

  • August 30, 2021
Man looking for payments solutions

6 Tips for Choosing your Wix Payment Processor

Learn How to Choose the Best Wix Payment Processor Option for Your Business. Using Wix for ecommerce? Then you’ll need a reliable way to accept cards and other payments from your customers, wherever they reside. Choosing the right payment processor…

  • August 18, 2021
professional women in a meeting

Which is the Best WooCommerce Payment Gateway for Your Business?

Learn what you should look for in a WooCommerce payment gateway to grow your cross-border sales and make the most of global ecommerce. Choosing the right WooCommerce payment gateway is fundamental in achieving more growth by making the online payment…

  • July 29, 2021
European city

How to Choose the Best Wix Payment Plugins for Businesses in Europe

European merchants need a payment strategy for their Wix store that supports scalable cross-border growth, and provides customers with their desired payment methods.  For this reason, the best Wix payment gateway providers must support a wide variety of payment methods…

  • July 27, 2021
Business woman in hijab uses ipad

Choosing the Best Merchant Fraud Filter for your Shopify Store

As a merchant, you need to be able to accept payments globally with the peace of mind that your Shopify payment processing solution will protect your business and the customers.  eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, have enabled merchants to establish…

  • July 14, 2021
business partners take online store orders

Should Your Business Use the Official Wix Payments Option?

Learn the pros and cons of the new Wix payments option to determine if it is the right payments product for your business. Website provider Wix recently launched its own in-house payments gateway, which can be used in addition to…

  • July 9, 2021
shopping online on a phone

Boost Shopify Sales by Improving Your Checkout Experience

Improve your checkout experience to increase revenue and succeed in a global market With ecommerce continuing to boom in a global landscape where consumers want the ease and convenience that digital transformation brings, ecommerce platforms like Shopify have an incredible…

  • June 25, 2021
Shopify VS Wix

Shopify vs. Wix: Everything Merchants Need to Know

Shopify and Wix both make it easy to build an online store, but which platform is right for you? Shopify vs Wix?  Shopify is a hosted ecommerce platform that allows you to easily create an online store without coding. Wix…

  • May 27, 2021
Shopify vs WooCommerce which is better

Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which Is Right for Your Business?

An ecommerce platform comparison guide. Shopify vs WooCommerce: it’s a comparison many merchants explore as they seek to grow sales and revenue. Use this side-by-side comparison of the popular ecommerce platforms to decide which one is right for your online…

  • May 20, 2021
Magento VS WooCommerce

Magento vs. WooCommerce: Everything Merchants Need to Know

Magento vs WooCommerce. Many merchants are asking themselves which option to choose as they seek out the best ecommerce platform. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Magento vs WooCommerce to help you make up your mind. What are Magento and WooCommerce?…

  • May 14, 2021
Accept Payments Online

Rapyd Payments: How To Accept Payments Online

Merchants must be able to offer and process the payment methods preferred by their customers. Businesses need to invest in payment processing services that address the expectations of their customers today and in the future. There are a number of…

  • May 13, 2021
What is Magento

What Is Magento? The Popular eCommerce Platform Explained

Magento is one of the top ecommerce platforms in the United States and increasingly around the world too. Nearly 200,000 websites use Magento and yours could be one of them. But, what is Magento? Magento is an ecommerce website platform…

  • April 22, 2021
Magento Versus Shopify, Which is Better for You?

Magento vs Shopify: An eCommerce Platform Comparison

Magento vs Shopify: It’s a choice many merchants wonder about when choosing between ecommerce platforms. Which is better to support your sales and revenue ambitions? Here’s a detailed look at what both platforms offer. What are Shopify and Magento? Shopify…

  • April 20, 2021
A woman making an online payment with a credit card

Payments 101: How Online Payment Processing Works

Payment processing services have come a long way since the days of ‘cash or card?’. Here’s everything you need to know about accepting online payments. From credit cards to technologies like digital wallets and real-time bank transfers, these days consumers…

  • April 14, 2021
International Payment Gateways for Magento

Choosing Payment Gateways for Magento – 8 Mistakes to Avoid

How to choose the Magento payment gateway plugin you need to drive sales everywhere you do business. What Is a Payment Gateway? Payment Gateways allow merchants to accept credit card payments and other payment types online by collecting customer and…

  • April 5, 2021
Best eCommerce Platform

The Best eCommerce Platform in 2022 – Rapyd’s Top Picks

Use our comprehensive guide to select the best ecommerce solution for your business needs. Choosing the best B2C ecommerce platform to grow online sales is a key decision for a merchant. It's hard to choose between the skyrocketing number of…

  • February 28, 2021
Magento Payment Solution

The Best Magento Payment Solution for Global Sales

Rapyd provides Magento users with a sophisticated global ecommerce payment solution. Need a Magento Payment Solutions to accept local payment methods worldwide? Get the most from your ecommerce store with Rapyd’s comprehensive payments extension for Magento. Rapyd provides a single…

  • February 17, 2021
A team evaluates headless commerce solutions

Why Headless Commerce Is the Future of Digital Retail

See how headless commerce functionality enables your business to optimize ecommerce experiences faster, more cost-effectively and with greater personalization. Today, online shopping has become ubiquitous, which makes the path to purchase increasingly more complex given the variety of new devices…

  • February 13, 2021
Woman getting a package on the mail from a subscription payment business.

4 Examples of Successful Subscription Payment Models

Here's how to expand your business with subscription-based, recurring payment models. As technology evolves, so do the ways consumers access content. People are no longer limited to one-time purchases; we now have more opportunities to partake of recurring, subscription-based goods…

  • February 5, 2021
Visual Serach - Tools and Tips

Time to Look At Visual Search – Tools, Tips & Examples

How brands are using visual search to optimize customer experiences. What is Visual Search? Visual search allows people to search using images as opposed to text. With a photograph that they have taken, or found online or on social media,…

  • January 29, 2021
eCommerce Trends

Four eCommerce Trends Global Sellers Need to Know in 2022

How ecommerce payments will change in 2022. Starting an ecommerce company has never been easier thanks to ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix. Companies and entrepreneurs can now build their online stores in a matter of hours. At the…

  • January 20, 2021
Progressive Web App Examples

6 Progressive Web App Examples To Inspire You (with Pictures)

Inspiring ways businesses are using PWAs to reach and engage users. Mobile websites are fast, easy and inexpensive to produce, however, the user experience is not as good as that of a mobile app. Developing and maintaining a mobile app…

  • December 28, 2020
Shoppable Content Examples

6 Great Examples of Shoppable Content from Brands

Here's how to use shoppable content to move customers from browsing to buying. Thanks to improved technology, connectivity and convenience, more ecommerce purchases than ever are being made on mobile. Consumers are spending more time watching videos and scrolling through…

  • December 21, 2020
Add Shopify Payment GAteway

Shopify Payments: Accept Alternative Payment Methods with Rapyd

Accept Local Payment Methods in Shopify with the Rapyd Shopify Payments Plugin The ecommerce platform Shopify is an excellent choice for businesses looking to sell internationally and boost their global trade. While Shopify offers its own payment solution, you can…

  • November 2, 2020
Rapyd offers the most comprehensive payments plugin for WooCommerce

How to Add Custom Payment Methods in WooCommerce

Accept Local Payment Methods in WooCommerce from 100+ Countries with the Rapyd Payments Plugin If you’re looking to grow your business’s reach across international markets, adding custom payment methods in WooCommerce is an important step. The Rapyd Payments Plugin for…

  • October 21, 2020
Employees discuss the best B2B eCommerce Platform for their needs.

The Top 10 Best B2B eCommerce Platforms For Your Business in 2022

Life moves fast and business even moves faster in the B2B eCommerce world. Speed is so key that 86% of B2B buyers prefer using self-service platforms to talking with a sales rep (McKinsey). That’s why companies need robust ecommerce platforms…

  • September 22, 2020
Woman blows a kiss to Camers in a 2020 Live eCommerce Stream

Is 2020 the Year of the eCommerce Live Stream?

What Is eCommerce Live Stream? In 2020 ecommerce live stream sales now account for 4% of total online retail sales in China and about 1% of total retail sales.1 These ‘infomercials rebooted’ are a form of online browsing and buying…

  • September 3, 2020
Blog Header, A woman making an eCommerce Payment

Is Your eCommerce Payments Experience Costing You Sales?

Personalizing Your eCommerce Payments Process Is Key By personalizing your customers' ecommerce payments experience and rethinking key elements of the checkout process, you can optimize sales conversion rates and create a friendlier and easier-to-use experience for your shoppers. One Size…

  • September 1, 2020
a Consumer on a mobile device representing Digital Transformation Strategy

Your Digital Transformation Strategy Is Missing Local Payments

Local Payments Are Becoming One of the Top Digital Transformation Trends in Retail in 2020 Since the COVID-19 pandemic, business models for retailers and e-tailers have changed overnight. In response, businesses must adopt digital transformation strategies that improve their ability…

  • August 12, 2020
Young woman paying with alternative online payment methods

Reach More Customers with Alternative Online Payment Methods

Offering Local Payment Methods Online Helps Merchants and Marketplaces Stand Out The world is experiencing a tectonic shift in how people live, work and shop — with businesses across the globe scrambling to adapt. In this tough climate, businesses with…

  • August 3, 2020
A young man shopping online on a mobile device

Ten Tips To Reduce Cross-Border eCommerce Cart Abandonment

eCommerce shopping cart abandonment is roughly 70%, according to an analysis by the Baymard Institute. The good news is that many of the factors driving customers away are entirely in your control. For instance, 34% of shoppers abandoned checkout when…

  • April 14, 2020
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