The average shopping cart abandonment rate, according to Statista, is 69.1% across various niches.

How can you boost your site’s basket conversion? Here are 8 ways you can encourage your customers to complete their purchases.

1. Prioritise security

Most online shoppers will not use your payment gateway system if they don’t trust your website. Protect your site from hackers by using a secure card processing service. Also, display security logos, customer testimonials, privacy policies, and links to your social media pages to increase your site’s credibility.

2. Show prices up front

Many people abandon their baskets when they spot unexpected shipping costs and other extra charges. If you have to charge for shipping and handling, inform the customer before they reach the checkout page.

3. Don’t make them register before purchase

Forcing your shoppers to sign up before they can pay for their orders will minimise your conversions. To stop customers from abandoning their baskets, you should give them the option to skip the subscription page.

4. Keep your layout simple

Your online shop may look fancy, but its design layout could be the reason you’re missing out on a lot of sales. Place your check-out button in a prominent location and ensure it is visible to both PC and mobile phone users. Additionally, make forms that are easy to fill in.

5. Allow visitors to save their carts

Some people abandon carts with the intention of completing their purchase at a later date. Make it easy for shoppers to return to an incomplete order. Use cookies to save their baskets. If your customers have accounts on your site, you can automatically store their incomplete orders in your database.

6. Make basket editing easy

Web users love easy processes. Therefore, you should ensure that it is easy to amend carts on your site. Use an online payment processing system that allows users to edit their personal information without too much hassle.

7. Use progress indicators

You need to let shoppers know where they’re headed. Provide a progress bar that shows your buyers how many steps they need to go through to complete their purchase.

8. Utilise online credit card processing

Use a credit card payment processor that allows customers to clearly see their transactions. This will improve your site’s trustworthiness and make it easier for the customer to place his/her order.

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