Learn About the Cost-Effectiveness, Efficiency and Flexibility of Virtual Terminals

Virtual payment terminals, online applications that let businesses securely process card payments from their computer or mobile device shake up the traditional card machine landscape. 

Are you aiming to broaden your customer base, operate from anywhere, and offer a wider array of payment methods? Say hello to the virtual payment terminal, which offers a seamless, secure and efficient method of processing payments. Virtual payment terminals let businesses securely process card payments from their computer or mobile device and shake up the traditional card machine landscape.

What is a Virtual Payment Terminal?

A virtual payment terminal is an online-based application that lets businesses securely process card payments over the internet. It’s a fresh take on traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems, ditching physical hardware or software installations. All it needs is a secure internet connection and a device like a computer or smartphone, and you’re all set to start accepting payments.

How It Works 

Operating a virtual payment terminal is a breeze. The merchant punches in the customer’s card details into the terminal interface. This information is then encrypted and sent to the payment processor for approval. It works like a traditional card machine, just without the machine. 

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Why Use a Virtual Terminal?

Typically there’s no way to swipe a card with a virtual terminal. Merchants must type in payment details by hand. This means virtual terminals are more versatile and accessible to merchants, but they require more time to complete a transaction. Merchants must consider the need for convenience and speed when determining of a virtual terminal os right for the. 

One place where virtual terminals shine is accepting credit card payments by phone. Since it’s not possible to swipe or tap a card anyway, a virtual terminal offers the perfect solution at a much lower cost than purchasing or renting a traditional card machine.  

Picking Your Terminal

When selecting a virtual payment terminal for your business, keep the following in mind:

  • Security. The terminal should be a virtual fortress, adhering to PCI-DSS standards to ensure your transactions are secure and your customer data is protected.
  • Ease of Use. Select a terminal that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for individuals who aren’t tech-savvy.
  • Reliability: Choose a terminal that provides consistent service without throwing frequent technical tantrums. 

Your terminal should offer features that align with your business requirements. For instance, if your business operates on a subscription model, the terminal should come from a company, like Rapyd, that supports recurring billing. Other features to look for include global acceptance for international transactions, fraud monitoring.  and more.

Any Other Perks? 

Virtual payment terminals provide numerous advantages. They’re cost-effective, eliminating the need for expensive hardware. They’re flexible and ready to roll anywhere with an internet connection, so they’re ideal for doing business remotely or on-the-go. They also make a great back-up in case an instore card machine has technical difficulties and can not accept payments. 

Is Your Business a Good Match? 

Virtual payment terminals are an important tool for improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. They eliminate the need for expensive hardware, can be used anywhere with an internet connection, and reduce the likelihood you’re ever caught unable to accept a payment. If your business is looking to reach new customers, operate from anywhere, and ensure built-in security, a virtual payment terminal could be the ideal solution.


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