Card Acquiring Explained: Why Choosing the Right Card Acquirer is Crucial for Business Success

In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven world, businesses require a reliable and seamless solution to accept online and in-store payments with one single platform. Whenever consumers pay with a card, card acquiring is what happens behind the scenes – and it plays a vital role in eCommerce and OmniCommerce business. Card acquiring is the process of collecting payments made via credit or debit cards from customers and their banks, and then transferring those payments to the merchant or retailer who accepts the payment. But the process itself is anything but simple – and choosing the right card-acquiring provider impacts the business bottom line. 

In the complex world of payment processing, think of your card-acquiring provider as the gateway to accelerating business growth. Partnering with the wrong provider results in inefficiencies, costly fees, increased friction for customers and ultimately, a negative impact on the business bottom line. Partnering with the right provider is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their payment operations, reduce fees and improve customer experience. The right, trusted card-acquiring provider offers a comprehensive payment solution, with faster onboarding, better uptime, next-day settlement, local payments expertise to navigate country-specific regulations and more payment methods for global sales. 

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Rapyd’s Card Acquiring Solution for Accepting Payments Online

Faster Onboarding and a Single Integration

One of the most significant challenges for businesses is the complexity of payment integrations, which often requires multiple providers, complex processes and longer onboarding times. With Rapyd Card Acquiring, businesses can enjoy faster onboarding, as well as a single company for all their in-store and online payment needs. This means that businesses can start accepting payments quickly, streamlining their operations and reducing friction for customers.

Better Uptime and Acceptance Rates for More Sales

Another critical aspect of payment processing is uptime and acceptance rates. With 99.99% uptime in Europe and global payment acceptance, the platform is designed to deliver the highest quality uptime and acceptance rates, ensuring that businesses can process payments reliably and efficiently. With a more stable payment solution, businesses can avoid the loss of sales due to payment failures or downtime, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Next-Day Settlement for Improved Cash Flow

Cash flow is crucial for any business, and faster settlement times can help improve liquidity and financial stability. Rapyd’s Card Acquiring solution offers settlement in multiple currencies either daily, weekly, or monthly. With fast, flexible settlement options, businesses can access their funds more quickly and on their terms. The result? Improved cash flow and ease in managing finances — unlocking the ability to focus on business growth and expansion.

Online and In-Store Payments from One Company

Rapyd gives businesses the convenience of accepting credit cards and other popular payment methods online and in-store from one company. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for multiple payment providers, reducing complexity and enabling businesses to manage their payment operations more effectively. Furthermore, Rapyd’s payment gateway is designed to handle global credit card processing and support multiple payment methods including all major credit cards, direct bank payments, local payment methods and ewallets, ensuring that businesses can cater to a wide range of customers. 

More Payment Methods to Grow Sales Worldwide

77.73% of all online shoppers worldwide abandon their carts – businesses can help mitigate this by offering local payment options to provide added convenience and confidence to buyers to help them follow through on their purchases. By accepting more local payment methods, businesses can remove barriers to purchase, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately grow their sales. 

Unlike most card acquirers, Rapyd’s global payments network can connect businesses in Europe to the rest of the world, whether that is ensuring secure online credit card payment processing of all major credit cards across Europe, sending payments to suppliers in Southeast Asia, or accepting local payment types in Latin America.

As a global fintech company with local payment expertise, Rapyd is a trusted partner to help businesses accept payments from 100+ countries and send payments to 190+ countries. With global reach and expertise in each market, Rapyd supports a wide range of local payment methods which are critical for businesses operating or looking to operate in multiple countries or regions. 

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Grow in Europe by understanding how consumers shop and pay.

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How Can Rapyd's Card Acquiring Accelerate Your Global Business Growth?

Rapyd’s robust card-acquiring capabilities provide businesses with a comprehensive payment solution that caters to their every need. With faster onboarding, better uptime, next-day settlement, and global payment methods with local market expertise, Rapyd helps businesses improve their cash flow, reduce friction, and grow sales worldwide. 

Learn how Rapyd can give your business a reliable and seamless solution to accept online and in-store payments with one single platform.

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