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European eCommerce and Payments Guide

Uncover the top payment methods in Europe and grow sales by improving your checkout experiences.
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European eCommerce and Payment Methods

Grow Sales Globally with Unique Insights into Europe’s Top Payment Methods

Rapyd conducted research to reveal consumers’ most frequently used and preferred payment methods across Europe. The research was conducted in April 2022 and surveyed over 4,000 online consumers in Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and the UK.

The findings reveal insights like:

  • In Denmark, 71% of respondents reported a recent online purchase using Danish mobile payment apps
  • Only 5% of Germans chose credit cards as their top online payment method
  • Over two-thirds of Spaniards reported using PayPal for a recent online purchase

Europe’s Payment Landscape Is Evolving Quickly

Use this research to drive sales, increase cart conversions and reach more customers by accepting the most popular payment methods in Europe. Download your European Payments report now.

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