FinTech Magazine has Named Rapyd a Best Payment Processor on Their Top 10 Payment Companies List

According to FinTech, Rapyd was included because we are “allowing consumers to access one of the world’s largest payment networks featuring over 900 locally-preferred payment methods”.  Rapyd was ranked ahead of other innovative fintechs such as Paypoint, PayPal and Remitly.

The Rise of Digital Payments

Online payments are booming at a time when more retailers are pivoting to digital sales. This makes finding the best ecommerce payment processor for a business’s unique needs critical. Whether you’re looking for the best payment gateway for all your needs, or looking for a best-of-breed solution for specific capabilities, such as alternative payment methods, FinTech Magazine’s Top 10 Payment Processing Companies list has a solution for you. The list includes top payment solution providers for remittances, buy-now, pay-later, ewallets, disbursements, ecommerce payments, and alternative payment methods.

Here’s a Look at FinTech’s Top 10 Best Payment Companies 


UK-based PayPoint provided bill payment services in Ireland, Romania, and its UK base. The company has a network of 27,000 stores across the UK. It has recently launched a new ‘responsible collection tool’, PayByLink, with personalized SMS reminders.


With 360 million active users across the globe, PayPal has long been considered one of the best ecommerce payment solutions. PayPal recently expanded its ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ product suite with the introduction of short-term installments in the US and UK.


Remittance company Remitly transfers $6 billion each year through its money transfer network across Africa, Asia, Central Europe, and South America. Remitly has recently partnered with Visa to enhance its cross-border money transfer service, which enables migrants to send and receive money from those abroad.


Rapyd is the best payment processor for businesses looking to quickly make and accept payments using local payment methods anywhere they do business. Forbes recently noted that Rapyd is scaling fast and challenging incumbents like PayPal. Rapyd provides more than 900 payment methods in 100+ countries, ecommerce plugins, ‘no-code’ solutions, build-in fraud monitoring, and the ability to collect and disburse funds.


Currencycloud is a cloud-based platform for international payments. The company has processed more than $65bn to more than 180 countries, working with the likes of fellow fintech businesses Revolut, Starling Bank, Penta and Lunar. The company is headquartered in the UK and was founded in 2012.


Australian unicorn Airwallex was founded only five years ago in Melbourne. According to Airwallex, it provides low-cost, high-speed and transparent international collections and payment.


Wirex is a digital payments platform with more than three million customers across 130 countries. The company was set up in 2014 and it offers its users the ability to spend more than 150 fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies — it has processed more than $3bn in transactions. The company is based in London and has offices in Asia, the US, and Europe.


TransferWise is a UK-based global payments provider, which says it has eight million users. TransferWise processes more than £4 billion in cross-border payments each month.


Swedish Buy-Now, Pay-Later company Klarna has 200,000 retail partners, including Samsung, Peloton, Nike and AliExpress. With a valuation of $10.65 billion, Klarna says it is one of the largest private fintechs globally.


Stripe, an investor in Rapyd, is one of the most successful fintech companies of the past decade. The company offers online payment solutions globally.

The Best Payment Processing Company to Grow Sales and Enter New Markets Faster

With the world’s largest global payments network, Rapyd gives shoppers access to their preferred payment methods in over 100 countries. As a recent Forbes article explained, Rapyd has been winning merchants’ business and trust in 2020, ‘because of the breadth of its services and its global presence’ (Forbes).

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