Choosing the right card acquiring solution: Rapyd vs Stripe

Choosing between card acquirers isn’t always easy. You need a solution that can work with businesses in your industry and home country. The ideal solution should deliver reliable, cost-effective online card payments, alternative payment methods and fast settlement. 

Over 250,000 businesses choose Rapyd because we can approve and onboard merchants quickly, improve authorization rates and offer helpful support. Many merchants choose Rapyd for a better customer experience and hands-on payments expertise. Whether you’re replacing your existing solution or looking for an additional card acquirer, here’s a look at how Rapyd can improve payment processing for your business.

Let’s dive into the payment gateway comparison of Rapyd vs Stripe.

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The 2023 state of b2b cross-border payments in Singapore

The Rapyd Advantage:

Global Reach and Versatility: Both Rapyd and Stripe offer card payments solutions to accept payments from customers virtually anywhere on Earth. However, Rapyd has the advantage when it comes to where your business can be located. Stripe can work with businesses domiciled in just 46 countries, mostly in Europe and North America. Businesses in countries that are excluded or have limited functionality should consider Rapyd, which supports merchants in 70+ countries throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Support for Diverse Industries: From tech giants like Google Play and Uber to niche markets and challenging industries like online gaming and online travel, Rapyd has tailored solutions for your business. 

✓ Travel & Hospitality, Online Travel Agencies
✓ Health & Fitness, Nutrition & Supplements
✓ Financial Services, Trading Platforms
✓ Online Gaming, eSports Gaming
✓ eCommerce, Marketplaces, Content Creators

Showdown: Rapyd vs Stripe Features Comparison

Chart: Rapyd vs. Stripe payment Gateway comparison.

Hosted Checkout: Both Rapyd and Stripe offer this feature.

Developer-Friendly API: Available with both, ensuring ease of integration.

Local Card Acquiring: Rapyd is a directly licensed acquirer in the UK, EU and Singapore.

Alternative Payment Methods: Rapyd offers more than 900 methods, surpassing Stripe’s 100.

Localized Checkout: Rapyd lets you boost conversions by localizing languages, currencies and payment methods.

Settlement Options: Rapyd provides daily, weekly and monthly settlement options.

Global Payouts: With Rapyd you get comprehensive solutions for payments and payouts

Why Rapyd Stands Out

Choose Rapyd for card acquiring. 

Rapyd matches and exceeds the offerings of Stripe and other Stripe competitors in key areas like settlement flexibility, industries supported and the number of payment methods. With Rapyd, you get a partner who understands and supports the needs of your business, even in challenging industries. Work with Rapyd in whatever way works for your business, whether that’s direct connectivity or full gateway services.

Contact us to transform your payment processing experience.

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