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Cross-Border Payments in Singapore
Singapore Advances Southeast Asia's
Digital Payments Transformation
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The 2023 state of b2b cross-border payments in Singapore

The Lion City Roars.
5 Key Insights Into What’s Fueling the Future of Fintech in Singapore.

Singapore serves as a fintech gateway to Southeast Asia, characterized by a conducive business environment, innovative government policies, an expansive and skilled talent pool and unparalleled access to thriving regional markets.

Use this Rapyd report to:

  • Understand why Singapore businesses are cautiously optimistic
  • Discover why rising interest rates are the top concern in Singapore
  • Learn how payment delays affect Singaporean businesses
  • See what you can gain from multi-currency payment solutions

About the Study

Earlier this year, Rapyd, a global payments industry leader, conducted an in-depth study on B2B cross-border business practices. Our research examined payment and payout methods while offering insights into the current business outlook.

Rapyd conducted this research study to understand the payment preferences and challenges faced by business-to-business cross-border companies in seven markets. The study includes responses from 715 business owners worldwide. This report focuses on insights from one hundred B2B cross-border businesses located in Singapore. The survey was conducted online, among payment decision-makers in medium and large-sized enterprises, across a variety of verticals and industries.