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Finding Global Business Success for Small and Medium Businesses

Finding global business success starts with understanding these core findings.
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Key Findings

If you’re a small or medium business looking to grow globally, this report is designed to help you find international success by understanding: 

  • Why small and medium businesses are going global
  • What makes shoppers abandon a transaction
  • How small businesses can minimize risk and chargebacks

About the Report

This guide is based on original Rapyd research. Rapyd conducted an international study with over 900 global participants to reveal the challenges businesses large and small face when expanding and selling internationally and help them to create an actionable roadmap. Many industries were represented in this study, such as technology, financial services, retail, health and food, professional services and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

International commerce globally is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. Rapyd research found that SMBs are driven to go global to keep up with already international competitors (48%), and because of the demand from prospective customers outside of their current countries (40%). And with cross-border international commerce growing at 5% CAGR and expected to reach a US $156T in 2022, small businesses can’t afford to miss out. Download the report to learn more.

Customers expect to shop in their language, have prices in their currencies, and shop using their preferred payment methods. In fact, today up to 16 percent of shoppers will abandon a transaction when their preferred payment option isn’t available (FuturePay). Download the report to learn more about how offering a localized ecommerce experience can grow your customer base.

Our research finds that small businesses say that managing risks and fraud risks,  accepting local payment methods, and compliance and regulatory risks are some of concerns and challenges they face when growing cross-border. Download the report to learn how to overcome these challenges.

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