Unlock the potential of multi-license acquiring for enhanced payment solutions.

PayFacs and ISOs know they need to work with card acquirers to execute their go-to-market strategies. But not all acquirers are created equal. A key advantage that many payments solutions providers miss when evaluating a card acquirer or acquiring bank is the multi-license advantage. 

In this article, we’ll talk about what the multi-license advantage is, how it benefits you and your merchants, and how Rapyd can deliver the advantages of a multi-licensed card acquirer to your organisation. 

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Why Multi-License Acquiring Matters?

Multi-license acquirers like Rapyd solve growth pains for Payfacs and ISOs by providing local card acquiring across multiple jurisdictions. This can simplify acquirer management and integrations, lower costs for you and your merchants, and significantly improve authorisation rates.  

Any Payment Facilitator or ISO scaling their businesses knows the challenge of moving into new jurisdictions. Processing local transactions as international will raise fees for your merchants and increase card declines. Among the main reasons for that is that cross-border transactions by default are seen as more risky by the issuing banks due to higher fraud potential. Also, each territory might have its own regulations regarding fraud prevention and transaction authorisation.

Every false decline is revenue that your merchants should have earned and didn’t. Without a local card-acquiring partner in every jurisdiction where your merchants are doing business, authorisation rates can quickly get out of control.  According to Visa and Mastercard, on average 15% of recurring credit card transactions are declined. However, in some industries, decline rates can be as high as 30%. That’s a lot of lost revenue. 

Card authorisation rates can be improved by working with a local card acquirer. However, finding, vetting and integrating with local acquirers across multiple regions is costly, slow and complex. That’s where global acquiring with a multi-licensed partner can help. 

The Benefits of Multi-License Acquiring

  • Easier integration and management for ISOs and PayFacs
  • The ability to support merchants across jurisdictions with consistent and reliable payment solutions
  • Access to new markets and opportunities
  • One integration, one reconciliation and one settlement
  • Localised checkout experience with preferred currencies and payment methods

How to Create a More Effective Multi-Acquirer Strategy

Even if you already have partners for local card acquiring in one or more regions, adding a multi-license acquirer offers additional advantages. 

You can add a redundant solution to route transactions to the acquirer providing the highest approval rates. You can also give your merchants peace of mind and reduce downtime with redundant local acquiring solutions across multiple jurisdictions.

What Businesses Benefit Most From Multi-License Acquiring? 

Multi-license acquiring is beneficial for any PayFac or ISO that does business across jurisdictions or who supports merchants that operate internationally. With local acquiring across jurisdictions PayFacs and ISOs can help their merchants grow and scale their businesses. This can be a powerful value prop for earning new business.   

If you already support international merchants in one region, adding a multi-license acquirer is a fast way to help you earn more of that merchant’s total processing volume.  

PayFacs and ISOs working in the UK and expanding into Europe or operating with two different local acquirers in the UK and EU benefit from a multi-license acquirer. 

ISOs and PayFacs supporting merchants in Europe and Asia.  

Why Rapyd for Multi-License Acquiring?

Rapyd is a licensed Visa and Mastercard acquirer in the UK, Europe and Singapore. With local acquiring in Hong Kong, Latin America and the US coming soon. We are one of the few multi-licensed acquirers that offer true omnichannel solutions allowing merchants to accept payments online and in-store and send payouts worldwide.

With Rapyd You Get a Reliable Global Card-Acquiring Partner

  • Top-tier authorisation rates 
  • 99.99% uptime 
  • Fast onboarding and unmatched support
  • eCommerce, POS and SoftPOS in the UK and Europe

Ready to Win-Win?

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