Everything You Need to Know About Rapyd’s Independent Sales Organization Partner Program

A Rapyd partnership can have a transformative impact on your ISO business. Rapyd is an elite acquirer holding liceses in the EU, UK and Singapore. As the payments landscape grows increasingly complex and globalized, the choice of a payment processing partner matters more than ever.

Rapyd is a single-platform global acquirer, enabling ISOs to onboard merchants globally with one agreement and one integration.  Partnering with Rapyd enhances an ISO’s service offering and opens up unprecedented sales potential through faster onboarding, high acceptance rates, omnichannel capabilities and white-glove service and support. 

Rapyd Addresses ISO-Specific Challenges with Customized Solutions

ISOs must cater to a wide range of merchant requirements and ensure compliance across different regions. Here is how Rapyd addresses these challenges head-on:

  • A Tailored Platform: Rapyd’s platform is not a generalized solution; it is specifically designed to meet the varied needs of ISOs and their merchants. This customization ensures that ISOs can offer solutions in ecommerce, point-of-sale, or omnichannel environments. Rapyd provides ISOs with versatile integration options, including APIs, White Label Gateways, and partnerships with major gateways. 
  • Fast Onboarding: Rapyd’s streamlined onboarding process ensures that ISOs can get their merchants operational in a remarkably short time, with 80% of merchants typically approved in less than 24 hours, and 97% in less than 48 hours. Fast deployment is critical for ISOs to maintain a competitive edge and provide immediate value to their merchants.
  • Omnichannel Capabilities Made for ISOs: Rapyd provides robust support for a range of payment channels. This includes not only traditional POS systems but also modern solutions like SoftPOS, MobilePOS and QR code payments. Hardware options include popular Pax, Ingenico, Verifone, and innovative SoftPOS by Phos, SoftPay, Yazara and more. This versatility allows ISOs to equip their merchants with the tools needed for both physical and digital commerce.
  • Rapyd App for PAX terminals: enables ISOs to easily build or integrate their own payment app without having to go through lengthy and expensive certifications. The Rapyd App can also be used as a standalone payment app. 
  • Comprehensive Card Processing: simplify cross-border commerce with local debit and credit card acquiring across Europe, the UK and Singapore – and the ability to accept cards and alternative payments worldwide.
  • Broad Regulatory Compliance & Secure Transactions: Rapyd’s extensive compliance process with regulations and security protocols, similar to its multiple financial regulations across the UK, EU and Singapore for PayFac partners, offers ISOs peace of mind. This compliance extends across multiple regions, making Rapyd an ideal partner for ISOs operating internationally.
  • White Glove Service & Support: Rapyd offers ISOs seamless integration and ongoing assistance, backed by a dedicated relationship manager. ISOs also benefit from quarterly business reviews, ensuring long-term success and satisfaction.

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How Rapyd Works with ISOs

For more than 20 years Rapyd has provided ISOs with a purpose-built acquiring platform that makes it faster and easier to onboard merchants across the UK and Europe, and a robust suite of omnichannel payment solutions to support the needs of more merchants.  

Chart: Aquirer,ISO,Merchant

Real Results

Payfacto UK Partners with Rapyd to Open the Door to Better Guest Experiences

PayFacto UK offers unified payment acceptance and reliable technology, leading to cost-effective solutions and expansive growth for hospitality merchants across Great Britain. Carmie Murdaca, Sales Operations Manager at PayFacto UK, highlights the impact: “Partnering with Rapyd has been a game-changer for us. It’s why our customers choose us, and their sales strategies have given us a competitive edge.”

Rapyd’s Payments Platform and Expertise Help Littlepay Navigate the Road to International Success

LittlePay leveraged Rapyd’s global acquiring capabilities for a successful launch. Their continued expansion is supported by Rapyd’s efficient onboarding and extensive payment options. Paul Griffin, Head of Commercial at LittlePay, notes, “Rapyd’s support was key in our launch and continues to be invaluable as we expand globally.”

Rapyd’s innovative solutions foster growth and efficiency for its partners, underlining the transformative impact of its global payment capabilities.

Discover more about Rapyd’s ISO Partner Program.  

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Win And Keep More Business With Rapyd

Join leading Independent Sales Organizations across Europe and the UK, all harnessing the power of Rapyd’s acquiring platform. Designed with ISOs in mind, our platform empowers your merchants to scale with speed and efficiency.

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