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Forrester’s The Future of Payments

How Payments Tech Is Set to Drive Significant Value for Merchants In-the-Know
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Why Read the Future of Payments?

Over the next decade, payments will become seamlessly embedded and invisible for customers and even more valuable for businesses and merchants. Companies must embed payment technologies that create a seamless experience.  This report explores how payments are becoming more dynamic than ever, and how businesses can be too.

  • How payments are becoming more valuable for merchants and invisible for customers
  • How simple and interoperable payments are creating winners and losers
  • How programmable payments will launch an era of autonomous finance

About the Report

This report examines present market dynamics, including companies’ struggle to keep up with evolving customer demands. The report also provides guidance on how firms can get ahead by taking advantage of current payment trends and cutting through payment complexities.

“Battlelines are changing — if the last decade was all about consumers and mobile payments, the next belongs to businesses and autonomous payments in connected devices.”- Forrester’s The Future of Payments.

This report includes findings from interviews with various companies in the payments space, including Rapyd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer purchasing habits are quickly changing, while payment dynamics and preferred payment methods have evolved. Similarly, as digital tech is enabling better financial service experiences, regulators are trying to keep up with rapidly expanding technical and financial capabilities. Download the report to learn more.

Payment aggregation is when a third-party payment service provider or payment gateway uses one large merchant account to process payments of sub-accounts owned by different users. Payment orchestration uses platforms to provide a single technical framework that triggers, directs and validates all transactions between merchants, customers and payment providers. Payment orchestration covers every step of the payments process from routing through to reconciliation. Download the report to learn more.

Autonomous payments are pre-authorized payments that make purchasing simple and frictionless for the user. Whether it’s a smart-fridge ordering more of your favorite foods, having your bridge toll deducted automatically, or completing your purchase an Amazon Fresh having without having to stop to pay or checkout, autonomous payments use biometrics or verified devices to make payments instant, invisible and frictionless.

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