We’re excited to announce that Rapyd has been recognised as the 2024 best cross-border merchant solution at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) event in Berlin! This award highlights Rapyd’s commitment to simplifying global commerce for businesses of all sizes.

As the landscape of cross-border commerce continues to evolve, Rapyd offers a powerful solution that streamlines international transactions and empowers you to reach new customer segments. Here’s what makes Rapyd a strong partner for your cross-border business:

  • Consolidated Platform: Say goodbye to managing multiple providers and navigating complex regional regulations. Rapyd’s Global Payments Network acts as the one-stop shop to handle both payments and payouts globally.
  • Extensive Reach: Expand market access with the ability to accept payments from major cards and over 900 Alternative Payment Methods (APMs). Additionally, send payouts to customers in over 190 countries, granting the flexibility to serve a wider audience.
  • Operational Efficiency: Rapyd eliminates the need to juggle multiple payment processors, saving valuable time and resources. The Rapyd platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems, minimising disruption to day-to-day operations.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Cater to local preferences and boost customer satisfaction by offering a wider range of payment options. Rapyd supports diverse payment methods and ensures fast settlements, keeping customers happy across the globe.
  • Proven Results: See concrete examples of Rapyd’s success. Kadmos, a provider of secure payment solutions for seafarers, doubled their payout reach with Rapyd’s network. Similarly, SEAGAMER MALL (SEAGM), a leading Southeast Asian digital entertainment platform, expanded to five new markets and reduced their fees by 90% after integrating with Rapyd.

Sarel Tal, VP Acquiring Partnerships at Rapyd, commented on the win: “MPE’s recognition with the Best Cross-Border Merchant Solution award is a strong validation of Rapyd’s leadership in payments and fintech. This win fuels our mission to empower businesses with both our established multi-regional card acquiring and seamless cross-border solutions, unlocking new avenues for global growth.”

Ready to liberate global commerce?

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