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Affiliate marketers and online influencers have the ability to connect businesses with their ideal audiences. But platforms for affiliate and influencer marketing services face unique challenges when trying to connect payments. 

The surge in influencer-based marketing has publishers and content creators turning their digital footprints into cold hard cash. The affiliate marketing segment was valued at $19,217.4 M in 2021 and is forecasted to reach $36,902.1 Million by 2030. Top affiliate marketing technologies include Outbrain, ShareASale, GoAffPro, ClickBank and Linktrust. Popular affiliate marketing companies include Rakuten Advertising, Voluum, Parnterize, Tapfiliate, Post Affiliate Pro, Liquid Web, and CJ Affiliate.

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Callout: 80% of affiliate marketing platforms send cross-border payments.

What Makes Payments Hard For Affiliate Marketing Businesses? 

When it comes to payments, affiliate marketing services come with a unique set of challenges. Affiliate marketing agencies must track commissions, ensure timely and accurate payouts, and maintain robust, transparent relationships with partners worldwide. These platforms are responsible for orchestrating connections between brands and their influencers and ensuring smooth transactions within their network. They must accept funds from their clients and quickly disburse commissions to every influencer under their umbrella.

These platforms must also navigate the complexities of cross-border commerce while dealing with a global network of marketers and brands. This includes handling currency conversions, adhering to various regional financial regulations, and providing flexible payment solutions catering to the diverse needs of international partners. These platforms must maintain active and transparent relationships with each of these partners, ensuring clarity and consistency in every transaction. The ability to manage these nuanced financial responsibilities efficiently is crucial for affiliate marketing platforms.

Top Headaches For Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Affiliate marketing platforms and agencies need a reliable payment infrastructure capable of receiving large payments and delivering consistent and timely payouts, often across countries and currencies. Here are the biggest financial hurdles they face:

1. Distributing Payments 

Due to the industry’s global and diverse nature, distributing payments in affiliate marketing is fraught with complexities. Affiliate marketers, who could be located anywhere in the world, require payments in different currencies and payment methods, creating a logistical challenge. Timely, accurate, and secure payouts are needed to maintain trust and keep affiliates motivated. However, managing all this in a cost-effective manner while ensuring compliance with international banking regulations and managing currency exchange can be extremely difficult.

2. Attracting & Retaining Talent

Attracting and retaining talent is a critical challenge in the competitive business of affiliate marketing. The industry’s success hinges on recruiting and keeping skilled influencers who can drive high-quality traffic and generate sales. The promise of fast, reliable payments with low transaction fees is key for recruitment, building loyalty and engagement.

3. Disparate Payment Systems

Inconsistent payment systems present a significant hurdle in affiliate marketing, complicating the payment process for both platforms and influencers. The number of payment methods and the need for multiple systems to accommodate many countries and currencies can lead to operational inefficiencies and increased costs. This fragmentation often results in delayed payments, high transaction fees and eroded trust. For affiliate marketing platforms, the integration of a unified, global payment solution that consolidates these disparate systems into a single, streamlined process is key. 

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Must-Haves

1. Trusted, Long-Term Payment Platform

A trusted, long-term solution is essential in affiliate marketing to build and sustain confidence among affiliates and partners. Such a platform ensures reliability and stability, big for maintaining ongoing business relationships and supporting growth. The ideal solution will allow affiliate marketing platforms to accept, hold and send funds, and exchange between currencies.

2. Ability To Pay Affiliates Anywhere

Creators are spread across the globe, and a platform that can reach them wherever they are is indispensable. Global reach ensures that businesses can attract more talent, not limited by geographic constraints. Giving affiliates the flexibility to operate from any location enhances the platform’s appeal to international brands.

3. Multi-Currency Support

Multi-currency support allows platforms to pay creators, and for creators to receive payments in their preferred currencies, greatly reducing the hassle of currency conversion and associated fees. For platforms built-in forex with transparent rates enables you to optimise the timing of currency conversions.

4. Smooth Onboarding

Affiliate marketing platforms need payment solutions with built-in KYB (know your business), KYC (know your customer) and Identity Verification tools. This assists with onboarding influencers onto their platforms for prompt payment that is compliant with international regulations. Without these tools, platforms can be limited by where or with whom they do business.

5. Embedded Payments

Embedded payments place payment functionality directly into a business’s back-office systems, connecting via API to other systems and processes. This makes payments a seamless part of business operations and significantly decreases the amount of time spent managing payment tasks and technologies. 

Rapyd’s Innovative Payment and Payout Solutions For Affiliate Marketing

Rapyd offers solutions designed to streamline and simplify financial transactions worldwide. By ensuring that payments are delivered promptly and in the recipients’ preferred currencies, Rapyd reduces conversion complexities. With simplified onboarding, influencers get paid fast. This combination of global reach, multi-currency support and fast onboarding makes Rapyd an excellent global payment partner for affiliate marketing businesses.

Card Acquiring

As a directly licensed card acquirer for Visa and Mastercard in Europe, the UK and Singapore, Rapyd allows affiliate platforms to accept payment methods, including credit cards, ewallets, and direct bank transfers. This versatility in payment options accommodates the preferences of global clients.

Global Payouts 

Use Rapyd Disburse to send payouts to influencers worldwide via bank transfers, ewallets and card payouts. With Rapyd you can reach 190+ countries with local clearing in emerging markets and same-day or faster delivery in 80% of destinations. 

Built-In Fraud Protection

Safeguarding against fraud is critical. Rapyd offers advanced fraud protection capabilities, including identity verification and continuous transaction monitoring to mitigate risks.


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