• Five years in a row: Rapyd recognized as a top cross-border payments provider by FXC Intelligence.
  • Liberating global commerce: Rapyd’s platform empowers businesses to expand reach and thrive internationally.

Today, Rapyd has been named one of the Top 100 Cross-Border Payment Companies for 2024 by FXC Intelligence, a leading provider of research in the payments and fintech industry. This marks the fifth consecutive year Rapyd has received this recognition, solidifying its position as a key player in the cross-border payments landscape.


FXCintelligence top 100 cross-border payments companies


Continued Innovation Earns Recognition

The FXC Intelligence Cross-Border Payments 100 identifies the most influential companies across money transfers, payments processing, e-commerce, B2B payments, and more. Rapyd’s consistent inclusion on this prestigious list underscores its commitment to driving innovation in the cross-border payments space.

Empowering Businesses for Global Success

Rapyd’s cloud-based platform simplifies cross-border payments for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to collect, hold, and send funds internationally with ease. This empowers companies to expand their reach and unlock new markets, ultimately contributing to global economic growth.

Daniel Webber, CEO and Founder of FXC Intelligence, says: “Rapyd’s presence in the Cross-Border Payments 100 for the past five years exemplifies its continuous pursuit of innovation. Its strategic acquisitions and advancements in digital payments infrastructure have continued to grow its importance in the space, and FXC Intelligence is pleased to once again include Rapyd in the Top 100.”

Arik Shtilman, CEO and Co-Founder of Rapyd, continues: “Five years running on the FXC Intelligence list validates our commitment to simplifying global commerce. Rapyd’s tools empower businesses to thrive internationally, breaking down barriers and fueling growth.” 

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