Announcing Rapyd’s Sponsorship of the Icelandic National Handball Team and the Launch of Rapyd Player Scholarships

Our recent announcement of Rapyd’s Handball Scholarship program and National Team sponsorship is a reflection of our deep-seated commitment to Iceland. For over 40 years, first as Visa Iceland, then as Valitor, and now as Rapyd, the same dedicated people have been working hard to connect Iceland with global opportunities and financial technology. We became Iceland’s leading payment provider with a simple philosophy of working hard for our customers and always being fair. That commitment continues through our new sponsorship and scholarship program.  

I’m proud to introduce Stoðsending Rapyd “Rapyd Player Scholarships,” a program that provides grants of 700,000 ISK ($5050) to 10 outstanding young handball athletes from the youth national team.

It reflects our belief in the potential of Icelandic athletes and our desire to contribute to their journey on the world stage. As the Icelandic National Handball Team gears up for the 2024 European Men’s Handball Championship, Rapyd is honored to stand by their side and cheer on our team.

How the Scholarship Program Works

With the launch of the Rapyd Player Scholarships, we aim to fund 10 young athletes, aged 16 to 21, in their handball pursuits. These scholarships are designed to recognize and reward their athletic prowess, academic excellence, and contributions to the community. We understand the challenges young athletes face, especially those juggling academics and sports. This is our way of helping them pursue their passion without financial constraints. 

Applications are open until Nov 30, 2023, and we eagerly await the inspiring stories of these budding champions. Athletes are encouraged to submit applications and essays showcasing their athletic accomplishments, academic achievements and community contributions on our scholarship page.

This partnership with the Icelandic National Handball Team signifies more than just support for a sport. It embodies Rapyd’s unwavering commitment to Iceland’s vibrant communities. Rapyd is proud of our long legacy in Iceland and our commitment to keeping Iceland at the forefront of global fintech innovation. With global payments, payouts, and fintech solutions we ensure Icelandic businesses not only thrive locally but also make their mark internationally. 

To learn more about the Rapyd Scholarship for Young Athletes and our continued commitment to Iceland’s growth and prosperity, visit

2 Icelandic Handball Players Hugging, Representing Play Hard, Be Fair

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