Passport Required: Global Payment Processing for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Consumers are packing their bags; travel is back in a big way. The travel industry continues to experience a significant resurgence post-pandemic. Eager tourists and business travellers are again taking to planes, trains, and automobiles, revving up optimism for the travel sector, particularly for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).  As web-based marketplaces, OTAs have changed the way travellers research and book their trips, from flights and hotels to car rentals, vacation packages, and unique travel experiences. Online sales are expected to account for 76% of total revenue in the Travel & Tourism market by 2028. OTAs grapple with issues like high chargeback rates and regulatory compliance across many jurisdictions in this complex and high-risk payment environment.

CALLOUT: 90% of travel companies send payments internationally. 

Well-known OTA platforms such as, Expedia, Orbitz, and Airbnb have set the stage, offering a centralised and convenient way to plan travel. The need for reliable, adaptable, and comprehensive payment processing solutions is extremely important. To meet the needs of online travel agencies and their customers, payment providers must offer seamless, secure, and efficient payment solutions, freeing up OTAs to focus on what they do best: creating unforgettable travel experiences.

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What Makes Online Travel Agency Payments Challenging?

The industry faces headwinds that have the power to impact online travel agencies’ financial stability and operation. From the unpredictability of early bookings to the complexities of regulatory compliance and foreign exchange risks, OTAs require a payment processing partner that understands their challenges and offers innovative solutions. 

Top 5 OTA Payment Headaches

  1. Early Booking and Cancellations
  2. Unpredictable External Events: i.e., weather, personal emergencies
  3. High Average Transaction Value (ATV)
  4. Chargebacks 
  5. Regulatory Compliance

Online Travel Agencies need solutions to accept payments and support their entire business model, including sending payments to business partners anywhere worldwide. OTAs also need a solution that can collect funds from customers and automatically divide the funds into different accounts, helping these companies minimise their accounting overhead and pay hospitality and travel partners. 

Top 5 OTA Payment Must Haves

  1. Accept & Send Cross-Border Payments
  2. Pay Vendors & Business Partners
  3. Flexible Deposits
  4. Fee Collection & Distribution Options
  5. Multi-Currency Acceptance

Rapyd’s Innovative Payment and Payout Solutions For Online Travel Businesses

Rapyd’s payment platform is engineered to support the travel industry’s diverse and global nature. It provides robust infrastructure for accepting and sending payments across borders, which is crucial for OTAs. Rapyd’s global reach also includes the ability to handle multiple currencies, making transactions smoother and more convenient for businesses and their customers.

Rapyd’s Directly Licensed Card Acquiring

Rapyd is a directly licensed Visa and Mastercard acquirer in Europe, the UK and Singapore. With Rapyd, OTAs can accept payments in various forms—credit cards, e-wallets, direct bank transfers, and more. This flexibility is key in catering to a global audience with different payment preferences. 

Global Real-Time Payouts Are A Reality 

Rapyd’s efficient payout systems enable OTAs to send real-time payments to suppliers and business partners. With Rapyd Disburse you can send card payouts with Visa Direct and Mastercard Send instantly. Send single or batch payouts worldwide to 190+ countries with same-day delivery in over 80% of destinations and use the same instant payout methods to issue customer refunds.

Built-in Security is Standard

In an industry where transactions are high-value and global, the risk of fraud is a constant concern. Rapyd addresses this with sophisticated eCommerce fraud protection. Rapyd’s platform includes built-in identity verification, continuously monitors transactions, employing advanced risk mitigation measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities before they can impact the business.

Transparent Transactions & Complete Account Management

Transparency in financial transactions helps OTAs to manage their cash flow effectively and maintain trust with customers and partners. Rapyd provides detailed insights into transactions and currency exchange rates, enabling OTAs to optimise their cash balances and financial strategies. 

Multi-currency Settlement Account with Rapyd

Online travel businesses and other high-risk industries benefit greatly from Rapyd’s Multi-Currency Settlement Accounts, a single solution that combines card-acquiring and multi-currency account capabilities. This comprehensive financial tool simplifies international transactions by creating an account that mimics the functionality of an international bank, empowering businesses to accept, hold, and dispatch funds globally. This account is designed not just for travel businesses but for any enterprise searching for global commerce solutions. 


  • Directly Licensed Card Acquiring And Funds Disbursement Solutions For Merchants And Referral Partners
  • Multi-Currency Settlement Accounts
  • Higher Authorisation Rates And Built-In Fraud Protection
  • Instant Payouts, Including Card Payouts And Real-Time Networks
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