Sending money to Visa and Mastercard debit and credit card holders is easier than ever.

Businesses around the globe are turning to card payouts using Visa Direct and Mastercard® Send™ to accelerate the speed at which payouts are made and gain a new level of convenience and cost-savings. Today, these payout methods offer a unique opportunity for businesses to deliver instant gratification for recipients while simplifying international transactions.

This article covers what push to card payments are and how to add this capability with Rapyd Disburse

What are Push to Card Payments?

Push to card payments enable businesses and individuals to send money directly to a recipient’s debit or credit card, bypassing traditional banking methods. 

Push to card payments are facilitated by networks like Visa Direct and Mastercard Send. These platforms have redefined the speed and ease of payments, turning what used to take days into nearly instant transactions.

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What is Visa Direct?

Visa Direct is a global solution for real-time money movement, allowing for fast and secure payment exchanges. 

Visa Direct’s technology enables real-time push payments through Visa’s extensive global payment network, offering businesses worldwide coverage for secure, real-time disbursements. Participating financial institutions, businesses and consumers can use the Visa Direct payment network to send money to over one billion eligible Visa card accounts.

What is Mastercard Send?

Mastercard Send is another global platform that enables quick and secure funds transfer. It powers a variety of payment experiences, including personal payments, payouts and business payments of any size.

With Mastercard Send, transaction originators can send funds directly to a bank account within seconds using the debit card associated with the account. Other benefits for transactors include increased transaction revenue, enhanced security and lowered operational costs. 

How Can My Business Send Push to Card Payments?

Industries like ecommerce, gig economies, online travel and online gaming enable faster, more convenient global payouts by working with payment service providers, like Rapyd, that offer these transactions to businesses.

To get started, sign up for Rapyd Disburse, which includes card payouts and lets businesses send payments to 190+ countries using hundreds of payment methods and 120+ currencies. 

Benefits of Push to Card Payments

  • Faster Payments: Eliminate the prolonged waiting periods often associated with fund transfers. Now, you can push payment to card swiftly and efficiently, typically within seconds. 
  • Instant Gratification: Enhance customer satisfaction by promptly disbursing payments, refunds, or winnings. 
  • Cut Costs: Save significant time and resources typically spent on issuing checks or printing cards for insurance claims or refunds for goods and services.
  • Foster Loyalty: Retain and attract more workers, freelancers and independent contractors by giving them faster access to their payroll funds, even in hard-to-reach and emerging markets.
  • Global Connectivity: Leverage the ability to connect seamlessly to billions of endpoints worldwide, making global or domestic transactions more accessible and efficient.

Push to Card Use Cases

  • Content Creators: By enabling instant payouts, push to card payments can expand the reach of platforms and businesses that pay content creators.
  • Gaming Platforms: Instant winnings can be transferred to users, keeping them engaged and incentivised.
  • Travel Agencies: Online travel agencies can process refunds quickly, enhancing customer service and trust.
  • Gig Economy: Freelancers can receive immediate payment for their services, improving cash flow and job satisfaction. 
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliates can receive their commissions promptly, encouraging continued partnership and performance.
  • Pay Suppliers:  Give suppliers faster access to funds with lower international transaction fees so they will prioritise your business.

Rapyd Disburse: A Global Advantage

Accelerate the movement of money and reach customers, businesses and end-users worldwide. With Rapyd Disburse, businesses can effortlessly send money to employees, pay suppliers, and reach billions of endpoints through a single solution. 

Ready to master global payouts?

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