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Thumbnail for the Rapyd Payroll Platform webinar.

Webinar: Power Your Global Workforce with a Seamless and Compliant Payroll Platform

The resources required to execute payroll functions keep shrinking while companies grapple with global workforce shortages. Many payroll functions have limited technology capabilities. And some organizations still rely on paper-based processes for payroll. It may seem impossible to address all of these challenges while streamlining payroll operations and reducing overall costs. But it isn’t. Hear from Aurel Albrecht, founder of Lano, about how Lano has built a globally scalable payroll solution using Rapyd's best-in-class platform.
DIFC Fintech: How Arik Shtilman Built Rapyd To Solve The World's Fintech Challenges

DIFC Fintech: How Arik Shtilman Built Rapyd To Solve The World’s Fintech Challenges

Everybody wants to be a fintech company, but nobody wants to build the fintech infrastructure. Rapyd Co-Founder and CEO Arik Shtilman speaks onstage at DIFC Fintech Week 2022 about what the future has in store for the fintech and payments industry.
Sarel Tal on FinextraTV

FinextraTV: The empowerment of merchants through embedded finance

Sarel Tal, VP EMEA, Rapyd speaks at MPE 2022 about Rapyd's business and ascent from the original foundation story to their current global scale, the development of embedded finance since covid and how it has enabled the faster, more efficient expansion of merchants core services.
MPE Berlin Keynote

MPE Berlin Keynote – Implementing Embedded Fintech Services for Global Expansion

Watch The MPE Berlin keynote by Rapyd VP of EMEA, Sarel Tal and learn how the ability to embed local payments and fintech services into your applications unlocks more value in every transaction.
Arik Shtilman on Sky News

Arik Shtilman – Interview with Ian King of Sky News

Today Rapyd published a global report looking at the State of Cross-Border Commerce. The report says that international trade is expected to reach $153 trillion US dollars. And with a market of that size, 93% of businesses in the US and Europe say that cross-border trade is a key priority. Arik Shtilman talks with Sky News about the new report and what it means for global commerce.
An image of a globe and the title Econimic Resurgence Through Digitalization of Global Commerce

Webinar: Economic Resurgence Through the Digitization of Global Commerce

Learn how your business can rapidly adjust to our new reality, make sense of the new rules of commerce, serve customers online and stay profitable while optimizing costs. Hear Athar Naqi of Loqate’s discussion with Eric Rosenthal, VP and Managing Director of the Americas about how businesses can adapt to the post-COVID economic recovery.

In today’s webinar, Eric and Athar will share market trends and articulate why digital in borderless commerce will further continue to grow. These experts will give their insight on what businesses should focus on how to accelerate the digitization of their businesses and accelerate recovery.

Video title screen featuring PrestaShop and Rapyd logos.

Introducing the Rapyd Payments Plugin for PrestaShop

Rapyd’s easy-to-install PrestaShop Payment Processing Plugin lets you expand quickly into new markets and automatically localizes checkout with the payment methods preferred by more customers worldwide. Lower your transaction costs while reaching more customers worldwide by accepting cards and popular local payment methods.

Cross-border payments webinar

Webinar: Grow Your Cross-Border Sales Now

Get Ready to Fulfill Your Cross-Border Destiny.

Going cross-border is quickly becoming a necessary strategy for businesses and ecommerce firms globally. This webinar provides a roadmap and timely insights on how every business can effectively grow cross-border sales now.

Listen in as three of Rapyd’s in-region experts from Latin America and the Asia-Pacific discuss insider strategies and tactics that have helped Rapyd’s clients expand successfully into markets despite a global pandemic.

There’s no time like the present to be selling cross-border. This webinar provides a roadmap and timely insights on how every business can effectively grow cross-border sales now.

International eCommerce Webinar Cover

Webinar: The Local Checkout Experience – Your eCommerce Blueprint

Your eCommerce Blueprint for Increased Cross-Border Sales.

57% of global online consumers are now cross-border shoppers. Yet, friction and trust in the checkout process are the top reasons shoppers don’t complete their purchases. Successful ecommerce merchants must attract, retain and delight consumers across the entire customer journey.

This webinar is your blueprint for reaching cross-border shoppers and growing sales. Learn how successful cross-border ecommerce merchants attract, retain and delight their customers across the entire buyer journey.

Total Economic Impact of Rapyd Webinar Preview Image with the cover page and Brendan Miller

Webinar: The Total Economic Impact™ of Rapyd Fintech Solutions

Brendan breaks down the savings and ROI real Rapyd customers have reported from implementing our API-enabled global payment and disbursement solutions. Learn how to measure the impact of implementing Rapyd's solution and the benefits of the ability to focus on your customer experience and your global growth while Rapyd takes care of payments infrastructure.
Headshots of the three speakers.

Webinar: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Rapid Digitalization

Learn how your business can rapidly adjust to our new reality, make sense of the new rules of commerce, serve customers online and stay profitable while optimizing costs.

In this video, we’ll cover the 3 facets of digitalization: e-Payments, e-Commerce, and e-Marketing. Whatever business you’re in, digitalization is unavoidable as customers now lead their lives online. However, if you’re new to the game, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the technologies, solutions, strategies and opinions. Our three speakers will share insights and help you develop your strategy to adapt to today’s shifting business environment.


Gotrade case study for real-time funds transfer with an image of the Gotrade app.

Gotrade Uses Rapyd to Make Equities Trading More Equitable

Learn how Rapyd enabled real-time funds transfers for Gotrade customers with lower fees and more local payment options.

Video thumbnail for the International and Cross-Border Payments Plugin for Ecwid

Accept Cross-Border Payments from Your Ecwid Store

the Rapyd Payment Plugin for Ecwid is your complete cross-border payments solution. Accept payments globally using customers’ preferred payment methods, including cards, bank transfers, ewallets and cash.

SEAGM Case Study Video

SEAGM Uses Rapyd Payments to Reach Millions of Gamers Across Asia

SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM) is the fastest-growing online game digital trading and services platform in Southeast Asia. Rapyd enabled SEAGM to quickly add popular local payment methods in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. Rapyd was also able to significantly lower processing fees, by up to 90% in some cases, resulting in reduced costs for their customers and more competitive pricing across markets.

Rapyd and Lano Case Study Image

Rapyd and Lano Revolutionize How Global Workforces Are Paid

Remote employment platform Lano used Rapyd Disburse and Rapyd Wallet to fulfill its mission of helping companies build and manage their global teams.

See why Natalia Żurawska, Head of Payments at Lano, says, “Not only is Rapyd committed to the success of its customers, their ability to understand our vision, and help create and implement solutions to bring it to life, was game-changing.”

International Tuition Payments Case Study

Rapyd and PayMyTuition Enable International Tuition Payments

In 2020 there was an overnight change in students’ behavior due to the global pandemic. Students were demanding more digital options for both attending college and paying for it. Rapyd provided access to a large network of banks and payment methods across Latin America and the Asia Pacific Region. With Rapyd, PayMyTuition was able to offer convenient online payment methods across six countries.


Fintech Local Market Adoption

How Fintech is Tackling Local Market Adoption Challenges

Lia Ciner, from WalkMe sat down with Rapyd’s CEO Arik Shtilman to talk about our company and how businesses can approach digital adoption challenges in foreign markets.

Card Issuing Video

Rapyd Card Issuing

 Learn how merchants, gig-economy platforms and financial companies are embracing fintech to drive adoption and loyalty with their customers through their own card issuing programs, and how Rapyd simplifies the process for you.
apyd Payments Extension for Magento

Scale Globally with Rapyd’s Magento Payment Solution

Rapyd’s Magento Payment Solution lets you accept payments globally using customers’ preferred methods, including cards, bank transfers, ewallets and cash.

Local payment methods are automatically offered based on location, so checkout always feels local. And Rapyd safeguards your customers and transactions with smart, AI-powered fraud monitoring. Integrate local and cross-border payments seamlessly into your Magento checkout experiences and business processes with Rapyd.

Can Fintech Save Retail?

Arik Shtilman: Can Fintech Save Retail?

Arik’s talk at WebSummit about how Rapyd can empower retailers and how fintech companies and other technology-driven businesses are enabling the global economy during these challenging times.

The Rapyd Payments Plugin for Wix

The Rapyd Payments Plugin for Wix – Accept Payments in 100+ Countries

Easily add hundreds of local payment methods to your checkout in 100+ countries with no coding required.

Rapyd payments plugin for Shopify video

Power Global Sales with the Rapyd Payments Plugin for Shopify

The Rapyd Payments Plugin for Shopify lets you accept popular payment methods like cards, bank transfers, ewallets and cash in 100+ countries. Try It Free.

The most comprehensive global payments plugin for WooCommerce

Introducing The Most Comprehensive Global Payments Plugin for WooCommerce

Start accepting online payments from 100+ countries with the Rapyd Payments Plugin for WooCommerce. Try It Free.


PayExpo Panel on COVID-19 and Payments

PayExpo Panel: COVID-19’s Effect on Payments

Sarel Tal, Rapyd’s VP of EMEA participated in a PayExpo panel exploring the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior, fraud and retail payments, as well as industry trends and challenges.

Rapyd Collect

Your Complete Payment Solution – Get to Know Rapyd Collect

Rapyd Collect is the fastest way to reach more customers with their preferred local payment methods in 100+ countries. With the ability to accept cards, bank transfers, ewallets and cash, plus compliance support and fraud monitoring, it’s your complete payment solution.

Rapyd Disburse video

Meet Rapyd Disburse – Simplify Payouts Locally and Cross Border

An introduction to the Rapyd Disburse platform for making local and cross-border payouts worldwide.

Video introduction to Rapyd Fintech as a Service

Rapyd – The Fastest Way to Access the World’s Top Local Payment Methods

The Rapyd Global Payments Network connects you to more countries and more ways to pay and be paid than any other provider. 

Arik Shtilman at MPE

How Rapyd Simplifies Local Payments for Global Merchants

Arik Shtilman was interviewed by Fintech Finance at Merchant Payment Ecosystem in Berlin. Check out his insights into Rapyd’s unique approach to removing the complexity of offering local payment experiences on a global scale.

Finextra interviews Sarel Tal

Finextra and Sarel Tal Discuss the Future of Fintech at MPE in Berlin

Fintech is changing and Rapyd is leading the way. Find out how businesses can tap into the Rapyd Global Payments Network to increase conversions, acceptance rates and reach more markets.

Arik Paris Fintech

Arik Shtilman Shares What Makes Rapyd Unique at the Paris FinTech Forum

Rapyd is developing a global network to remove the friction from collecting and disbursing payments to anyone, from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Diagram of the Rapyd Global Payments Network

Arik Shtilman: How Rapyd Does for Fintech what the Cloud did for IT

Fintech is evolving, and Rapyd is changing the industry. With a single integration, Rapyd enables businesses to transact with more people and countries around the globe.

Joel Yarborough

Diversify your checkout for fast-growing markets around the world

As more countries enter the online market and more businesses are creating ewallets to better support these new local markets, integrating local payment methods into your payments acceptance strategy is now a critical step for success. Learn more as Joel Yarbrough talks through the rapidly changing world of payments.

Eric Rosenthal Interview

Eric Rosenthal Talks with Medici About Emerging Growth Opportunities in LATAM

The Rapyd platform can simplify complicated payment use cases for businesses in the US and emerging markets in Latin America. By consolidating multiple financial service capabilities into a single platform Rapyd is making cross-border commerce easier and more accessible.

FinTech Connect

Fintech Finance Interviews Sarel Tal: Three Challenges in Global Payments Processing

Sarel Tal, VP EMEA at Rapyd, talks about the three major challenges in global payments and scaling globally while remaining local at FinTech Connect 2019.

Artik Shiltman

Interview with Arik Shtilman at Money 2020 Asia

Arik Shtilman shares how Rapyd evolved from a simple consumer eWallet into a global FinTech-as-a-Service company. Learn more about how Rapyd is making financial capabilities more accessible to global businesses.

Rapyd ewallet digital payment system

Accept eWallets Using the Rapyd Global Payments Network

The growth of eWallets is skyrocketing, watch how the Rapyd Global Payments Network can help you accept any eWallet anywhere in the world.

Joel Yarbrough

Medici interviews Joel Yarbrough

Where is the future of payments going? What are the biggest challenges? Where are the biggest opportunities? Find out during this informative interview with Joel Yarbrough and Medici at the Singapore Fintech Festival trade show.

Artik Shiltman

Medici interviews Rapyd CEO Arik Shtilman

Listen in as Medici and Rapyd’s CEO discuss how more companies are changing their focus from B2C to B2B payments, the importance of cross-border payment acceptance, and how cash will not be disappearing anytime soon.

Rapyd check out

Meet Rapyd Checkout – Local Payments for Every Market

Quickly accept more than 900 payment methods in over 100 countries from your app or online shopping cart.

Deposit and Withdraw

Deposit and Withdraw Cash Using the Rapyd Global Payments Network

Cash is the most widely used payment method in the world, watch how Rapyd seamlessly connects to over 2 million global over-the-counter and ATM cash-in and cash-out points.

Why Fintech as a Service is the future of finance at Money 2020 Europe

Rapyd CEO Arik Shtilman Talks Fintech as a Service at Money 2020 Europe

Rapyd CEO Arik Shtilman talks about Rapyd, recruiting and fundraising decisions entrepreneurs need to make to successfully scale fast-growing technology companies, and why the Fintech as a Service model is growing globally.

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