Rapyd empowers Kadmos to reach more underbanked and underserved populations.

Financial inclusion remains a pressing issue, with many underbanked and underserved populations struggling to access essential banking and financial services. Rapyd helps to bridge this gap by providing payment solutions for forward-thinking businesses like Kadmos

Utilizing global and omnichannel payments, Rapyd empowers these enterprises to provide secure and accessible financial solutions to otherwise inaccessible or marginalized communities. Through Kadmos, a global payment provider for seafarers, Rapyd’s seamless cross-border and multi-currency payment platform delivers fast and consistent payments to underbanked and underserved populations across the globe.

Kadmos: Streamlining Global Salary Payments for Seafarers

Kadmos, an end-to-end salary payments platform, revolutionizes secure payment solutions for shipping company employees across the globe. Via Rapyd Solutions, Kadmos addresses the challenges faced by the shipping industry, which often struggles with complex and slow payment systems. Rapyd’s expertise in global cross-border and local payments has enabled Kadmos to rapidly expand its payment capabilities.

Robyn Walker, Head of Operations at Kadmos, emphasizes the vital role Rapyd has played in its success, stating, “Without Rapyd, we would’ve struggled to get to where we are today. We see a very collaborative future with Rapyd.” By leveraging Rapyd’s services, Kadmos has more than doubled the number of countries where they issue payments, and are able to pay out in over 900 locally preferred payment methods.

Kadmos’s Impact

Kadmos pays out in over 900 locally preferred methods, more than doubling the number of countries they serve. Kadmos successfully processes payments in over 75 countries, simplifying salary payments for global seafarers.

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The Importance of Financial Inclusion

The challenges faced by underbanked populations are significant, hindering their access to economic opportunities and financial stability. However, Rapyd’s powerful single-platform payment solutions help businesses like Kadmos find success and witness the transformative impact of financial inclusion.

To Increase Your Focus On Financial Inclusion Follow These Three Guiding Principles

1. Tailor Your Services to Specific Needs

Kadmos understand the importance of tailoring financial services to the unique needs of their target. They address the challenges faced by seafarers who are thousands of miles away from home seeking secure salary payment solutions. By identifying and catering to specific needs, organizations can effectively serve underbanked communities.

2. Leverage Technology for Seamless Transactions

Technology plays a crucial role in enabling financial inclusion. Rapyd’s comprehensive payment platform empowers Kadmos to process payments globally, offer stored value accounts, and issue debit cards. Embracing technology enables organizations to overcome barriers such as distance, complexity, and limited infrastructure, making financial services more accessible and seamless for underbanked populations.

3. Collaborate with Strategic Partners

Accessing Rapyd’s global payments platform has been instrumental in Kadmos’ success. Rapyd’s expertise in global cross-border and local payments, along with its robust tools and services, has enabled Kadmos to expand its reach and provide inclusive financial solutions worldwide. Collaborating with strategic partners who share the vision of financial inclusion can accelerate progress and drive meaningful impact.

By following these tips – tailoring services, leveraging technology, and forming strategic partnerships – businesses can reach more underbanked and underserved populations.


Rapyd is the fastest way to access new markets and embed financial services into your applications. Rapyd lets you build and deliver innovative financial services worldwide, accept payments using 900+ methods and send payouts to over 190 countries.

Rapyd Can Help You:

  • Accept payments and send payouts from one platform
  • Expand cross-border card acquiring
  • Quickly access new markets 
  • Stop wasting time integrating multiple payment gateways
  • Navigate legal and compliance issues
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