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Blog: Developers

As a fintech developer, your responsibility is to improve website and app payment experiences, to retain customers and to increase customer loyalty. That’s why our articles explore how developers can integrate fintech and APIs to disburse mass payouts across the globe, protect payments from fraud and create a seamless checkout experience for customers. 

developer laptop save card details using API

How to Save Your Card Details

Save your customer card details for future use.  Credit cards account for 41% of online transactions and are prevalent in ecommerce markets in Europe and the Americas. For instance in Mexico, card payments account for 45% of all transactions, totaling…

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laptop on table with coffee pot and mug

What’s in a Subscriptions API?

Looking at the Components of a Subscriptions API With the rise of the subscription payment model, more developers are looking to subscription APIs to build and grow their business. Subscription business models are effective ways for companies to retain customers…

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