How did Ryan May, a Solutions Architect from Toronto Canada, react to his team’s hackathon victory?

“Holy S***!” 

After learning that they had won the Rapyd Grand Prix Hackathon, Ryan and teammate Betsy Berger hugged and cried with joy. They hadn’t expected to place 1st out of the 70+ project submissions and to win the chance to see a Formula-1 race in person.

Ryan, who works in payments and builds payment products for a living, decided to join the hackathon after seeing a LinkedIn post highlighting the chance to attend a Formula-1 race. As huge racing fans, Ryan and Betsy knew they had to give the hackathon – and the chance to see a Formula 1 race for themselves – a shot.

Their winning solution, Rapyd GForce, aimed to give small businesses access to build an elegant checkout experience with over 50 different payment methods and create a business automation for those who don’t know how to code. They built their solution leveraging a combination of the Rapyd Collect API’s, Google Apps Script, PHP, and a custom-hosted checkout page to stitch together a seamless customer experience.

When asked if he would recommend Rapyd to another developer, Ryan replied, “Of course!  It makes your life a lot easier than trying to build payment infrastructure from scratch.” 

How was the hackathon experience for Ryan? “ [I] loved it,” he said, “everyone was very organized, and willing to help in the community when I found bugs. [It was] amazingly executed and run.” 

If you want to see the winning solution for yourself, read our post and watch the video for Rapyd GForce. Or if you love to geek out about fintech development, check out our developer community.

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