Download the Rapyd Postman Collection to test API functionality in seconds. 


Evaluating APIs should take minutes not hours and one popular tool developers rely on is the API testing and REST client, Postman. 

When it comes to REST over HTTP the focus is on the API, which lives in the business logic layer of the software architect application. Your goal is to execute and evaluate a single API request that verifies the following:

  • Status Code – should return 201 
  • Response Payload – values, types, field names, and a valid JSON body
  • Response Headers – performance and security 

Testing Rapyd APIs with Postman 

Postman is a simple and useful tool to understand Rapyd’s APIs without having to spend valuable time writing code just to test some basic functionality.

We just released a collection of APIs that you can use to send a request and get a response so you can easily determine how the payload should be structured and integrated into your application. 

Rest assured that when you are ready to dive into the deep end Rapyd will be right beside you. 

Be sure and get your sandbox API keys at the Rapyd Client Portal and all you need is to grab your rapyd_access_key and rapyd_secret_key to start testing our APIs within seconds.

What Do You Think?

Postman is not the only tool out there when it comes to testing APIs. 

What tools do you use and what tools would you like to see Rapyd build to help you test payment APIs

Email if you are a developer and want to share your own experience with Rapyd APIs.

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