Using the Rapyd API to Create Your First Customer

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to rapidly grow and transform digitally to meet the demands of consumers, for more convenient, faster service. For about 85% of businesses (across all industries) undergoing a digital transformation, APIs played a significant role in the company’s digital efforts. (Postman)  Onboarding and managing your customer with the right tools and access to payment options is important for a growing relationship. 

The Rapyd API has access to hundreds of payment methods in 100+ countries allowing clients to enter new markets and create customers using their preferred payment method. Managing customers with the Rapyd API provides you with the tools to take control of their checkout experience by linking their information to a unique ID to safely save their payment details for future use. This includes saving card or bank account details, or making payments to your website with cash or local ewallets. Customers can avoid having to input their payment method details for every transaction, and maintain an on-going relationship with your business. You can download our Postman Collection and begin testing to create your customers now. 

What is a Customer within the Rapyd API?

A customer within the Rapyd API is a profile with a unique ID representing a person or business that pays for a product or service. This could be somebody paying to take an online course, or a business making a large order purchase off of a b2b eCommerce website. 

Part of a great customer experience is making things easier and more convenient for your users. Your customer’s sensitive information is securely saved, so they can have a quicker return experience. 

Steps to Create Your First Customer 

Here’s how to create a customer with a payment method using the Rapyd API. 

Step 1: Sign Up in Client Portal to get Your Rapyd Access and Secret Key

After you sign up in Client Portal, make sure you download our Postman Collection and input your rapyd_access_key</var/strattic/site/public_html> and rapyd_secret_key</var/strattic/site/public_html> and you can begin with your first API call in step 2. 

Step 2: List Payment API

Find out what payment methods are accepted in your desired country by using the List Payment Methods By Country API

Step 3: Create Wallet API 

Every Customer with a payment method uses a wallet to store funds. Create a Rapyd Wallet using the Create Wallet API. You can also use the Client Portal to create a customer by following the steps in our Client Portal Guide. 

Step 4: Create Customer with Payment Method

Using the payment method type you chose in step one (e.g. us_visa_card</var/strattic/site/public_html>), and the Rapyd Wallet ID starting with ewallet…</var/strattic/site/public_html> in the payload, you can create your first customer. 

Congratulations! You’ve created a customer using the Rapyd API! 

You can view this customer in your Client Portal and begin testing payments to empower yet another paying customer. Rapyd has hundreds of payment methods for you to choose for your customer to begin a transacting. Refer to our API Reference maintaining your customer lifecycle to make any updates, retrieving your customer information, or deleting information. 


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Chart: Guide To Marketplace Payment Processing
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