Meet Avi Wolicki, the Winner of Rapyd Hackathon Circuit 2

What did Avi, a Cyber Security expert, think when he came across the Rapyd Formula 0001 Grand Prix Hackathon?

“Looking over the resources, and [seeing] the ideas that were flowing through my mind, it was obvious to me to choose the Rapyd hackathon.”

With a decade of experience in cyber security, and as CTO and Co-Founder of, it was Avi’s curiosity that brought him to the hackathon and to try something outside of his domain. Avi knew he had the vision and resources to build something he wanted. “I saw the Rapyd hackathon as an opportunity to build an idea I had for a while.  Looking at the Rapyd resources I understood that I can build what I wanted easily without running into too many issues.”

Avi went on to win the second hackathon challenge, Circuit 2, which asked participants to create the ultimate customer checkout experience. Avi created RapydPay, an online wallet that allows customers to checkout and make payments with just a swipe of a button without filling out forms. His winning solution lets users login to the RapydPay platform once and browse to any site they would like to make the payment on and then just swipe to make their purchase.

Building The Ultimate Checkout Experience

Avi’s winning RapydPay video showed examples like swiping to quickly get through paywalls or tipping blog authors on their website. “Inspired by all kinds of ‘purchase now’ buttons, I wanted something smooth and secure”, says Avi.

His solution, RapydPay is built with Flask (Python) and uses Bootstrap with a mixed design of custom CSS and an open-source CSS library.

When asked about his full experience at the hackathon, Avi responded with, “Building an idea and seeing it come to life is very fun. [Although] it was stressful knowing that other people are building some great projects.” And what did Avi think of the support from Rapyd? “The team was amazing, really. Every question I had, every thought, the team was there to listen and respond. It was amazing, thank you for the experience.”

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