Here’s How Judges Choice Hackathon Winner Dominic Lupo Created A No-Code Fintech Web App.

Domingo Lupo, a fintech CTO from Milan, Italy, was normally too busy with his work to participate in any hackathons, but Rapyd’s Fintech Hackathon stopped him in his tracks. Despite being fully immersed in his own world, Domingo couldn’t pass up on what was going on at Rapyd. “Usually, I don’t have much time to participate in hackathons, but this one was about my area of expertise of Fintech, so [joining] it was an easy choice for me,” he said.

When Domingo came across Rapyd’s Fintech Hackathon, it immediately clicked for him as an opportunity to jump in. He shared, “I was already looking into analyzing the potential of the Rapyd API to be used in my company, so I was already very incentivized to participate in the hackathon”

How FFLOW, the No Code Web App, Works

With Rapyd already on his mind, Domingo created FFLOW, a no-code web app that allows the user to make complex financial applications, using a simple drag and drop interface. When it comes to the flow of transactions and money movement, visual scripting is used to design, activate, and deploy the application. The FFLOW engine runs in the cloud and integrates with Rapyd’s API using Rapyd Collect, Wallet, and Disburse platforms.

Screen of Hackathon Winner FFlow

Domingo was glad to be selected specifically for the Judges Choice Award. “Shoot, I did not win first prize, but this [Judges Choice] is good too”, he said. Ultimately, he beat over a thousand participants to win this award.

When asked about his experience at Rapyd’s Fintech Hackathon, Domingo said, “Overall, [it was] super great! [There were] so many channels to ask questions and guidance and super friendly people at Rapyd.” Of course, Domingo chimed in, “FFLOW’s creativity and originality certainly deserves its recognition and honor [Judges Choice] and is a contender for a winning idea.”

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