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Global Playbook for the New Era of Online Education

An in-depth report on Online Education Industry Statistics, Trends and Payment Best Practices

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Inside this Report:

  • The top global markets for online learning and how student behavior has changed across markets worldwide
  • Stats on the unprecedented growth of online learning and insights into where the industry is heading next
  • Insight for businesses in virtual tutoring, supplemental learning, language learning, technical certifications, business skills, exercise and wellness, coding and technical boot camps
  • The ways online courses are being delivered and paid for and the right payment methods to reach more students around the globe

The Online Education Industry Will Never Be the Same

The pandemic sped the adoption of technology in global education by five to 10 years. Record numbers of students have engaged with digital courses and online training for the first time. Digital course providers need to keep pace with the right global infrastructure and payments technology to achieve global expansion.

This online education industry report is meant to explore the monumental global shift in education, edtech, consumer behaviors and online learning habits in recent years. For this, we’ve drawn on a number of reputed sources including the New York Times, the OECD, Inside Higher Ed, and Global Market Insights among others.

Much of our statistics on behavioral changes comes from Forrester data on consumer behavioral changes during COVID. Researchers at Forrester asked over 6,000 consumers across the US, Canada, the UK, France, Italy and China about changes in their online purchasing behavior since the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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