Everything You Need to Know About Rapyd’s Payment Facilitator Program

In digital payments, a payment facilitator (PayFac) bridges the gap between merchants and seamless transaction experiences. As the demand for efficient, global payment solutions increases, Rapyd is a trusted partner for leading PayFacs across the EU and the UK. Rapyd offers fast onboarding, the ability to enable card-present (POS) and card-not-present eCommerce transactions, and a variety of integration options. Rapyd offers payment facilitators an omnichannel solution that supports in-store and online processing. Learn how this holistic approach, combined with white-glove service, makes Rapyd the preferred partner for leading payment facilitators.

The Rapyd PayFac Advantage

Rapyd understands the intricate payment facilitator model. With deeply-rooted expertise in the European and UK market, here are the unique advantages Rapyd delivers to payment facilitators:

  1. A Tailored Platform: Rapyd’s acquiring platform is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s crafted for specific requirements of European and UK payment facilitators. This ensures that every feature fits the unique challenges and opportunities of these markets.
  2. Instant Onboarding & Comprehensive Visibility: Rapyd offers lightning-fast onboarding, ensuring that payment facilitators can get their merchants up and running in no time. Using Rapyd, payment facilitators gain an unparalleled view into customer transactions, empowering them with data-driven insights to enhance their offerings.
  3. Dual EMI Regulation & Leading Card Provider Memberships: With its dual EMI regulation covering both the UK and the EU, Rapyd provides payment facilitators a secure and compliant network. Additionally, Rapyd’s dual memberships with industry giants like Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX allow payment facilitators to seamlessly service merchants across the region.
  4. Omnichannel Processing & Payment Terminal Support: Rapyd facilitates both brick-and-mortar and online transactions. The Rapyd platform is compatible with leading payment terminals, including popular choices like PAX and Verifone. With options for SoftPOS and QR codes, Rapyd provides the flexibility PayFacs require to equip their merchants for the evolving global market.

The Rapyd platform is a strategic power tool for payment facilitators, designed to amplify their capabilities, expand their reach, and elevate their offerings in the European market.

Connect to 900+ Local & Alternative Payment Methods

Imagine being able to cater to the unique payment preferences of customers across the globe. With Rapyd, this is reality. By integrating with Rapyd, businesses can access a robust network of over 900 local and alternative payment methods. 

Our expansive payment network not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts conversion rates. When customers see familiar payment methods during the checkout process, they are more likely to complete their purchase. It eliminates the friction often associated with unfamiliar payment gateways and provides a sense of trust and security.

A Single Integration for Vast Global Reach

Instead of juggling multiple integrations for different payment methods and regions, businesses can integrate once with Rapyd to unlock global payment capabilities.

This single-platform, streamlined approach offers several benefits:

  1. Efficiency: One integration means less time spent on development and more time focusing on core business activities. Rapyd customers spend 70% less time managing payments. 
  2. Scalability: As your business grows and enters new markets, there’s no need for additional integrations. Rapyd scales with you.
  3. Consistency: Offering a consistent payment experience, regardless of the region or payment method, enhances brand trust and loyalty.
A payment facilitators diagram showing that the Payfac sits between the Acquirer and the Merchants.

The Role of Payment Facilitators and Rapyd’s Support

PayFacs play a pivotal role in streamlining the payment process for merchants. They act as intermediaries, simplifying the complex world of payments for businesses of all sizes. The PayFac focuses on providing local support to merchants while the acquirers handle the complexity of the scheme relations. 

Responsibilities of Payment Facilitators:

  1. Merchant Onboarding: PayFacs are responsible for quickly and efficiently onboarding merchants, enabling them to start accepting payments. This includes verifying the merchant’s credentials, ensuring compliance with financial regulations, and setting up the necessary payment infrastructure.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: PayFacs must adhere to stringent financial regulations. This includes obtaining necessary licenses such as the Electronic Money Institution (EMI) or Authorized Payment Institution (API) license, depending on the region of operation.
  3. Payment Processing: PayFacs enable merchants to process payments and accept a variety of payment methods, from traditional credit cards to alternative payment solutions.
  4. Fraud Prevention and Risk Management: PayFacs are tasked with identifying and mitigating potential payment risks. This includes implementing fraud prevention measures and ensuring transactions are secure.
  5. Settlements: After a successful transaction, PayFacs handle the settlement process, ensuring merchants receive their funds as scheduled

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Rapyd’s Support for Payment Facilitators

Rapyd’s global fintech platform holistically supports payment facilitators, ensuring they can focus on their core responsibilities, while Rapyd manages the complexities of global payments. Here are some of the many ways Rapyd helps PayFacs deliver efficient, secure and global payment solutions to their merchants:

  • Card Schemes Relations: Rapyd takes on this responsibility, managing relationships with major card schemes and ensuring smooth transaction processes.
  • Core Processing and Reconciliation: Rapyd handles the core processing of transactions and takes care of reconciliation, ensuring all transactions are accurately recorded and settled.
  • Second-Tier Support: Beyond primary support, Rapyd offers second-tier support, ensuring all merchant or PayFac issues are promptly addressed.
  • Real-Time Onboarding: With Rapyd’s API and web-based onboarding platform, PayFac merchants seamlessly onboard in real-time. Rapyd delivers some of the fastest onboarding in the industry.
  • Omnichannel Solutions: Reach a broader audience across various channels, both online and at the POS. Accept eCommerce, SoftPOS, MobilePOS, POS, QR codes, Apple Pay and GooglePay payments.
  • Integration Flexibility: Rapyd offers a range of integration solutions, from API integrations to gateway partnerships.
  • White-Glove Service: Rapyd partners benefit from dedicated support every step of the way, ensuring smooth integration and ongoing operations.

Client Testimonials: Trusting Rapyd for Seamless Payment Solutions

Many of the largest payment facilitators across the EU and the UK trust and partner with Rapyd. Buy Now, Pay Later giant Klarna has 200,000 retail partners, including Samsung, Peloton, Nike and AliExpress. As Klarna tells it, “In our quest to provide seamless payment systems across Europe, we sought a partner that embodies flexibility and security. Rapyd emerged as the perfect fit. Their technical prowess, timely responses, and comprehensive solutions have been invaluable to Klarna’s operations.” 

A pioneer in the payment industry, Mollie offers both online and POS-based payment solutions. “Our commitment at Mollie is to offer impeccable payment services to a diverse range of ecommerce clients. Rapyd, with its innovative mindset and robust technology, has been instrumental in helping us uphold this promise. Their platform has not only facilitated smooth onboarding but has also empowered thousands of CNP clients to accept card payments, ensuring minimal fraud and chargeback levels.” 

Rapyd helps PayFacto UK deliver five-star service to millions of guests across Great Britain.

“Partnering with Rapyd has been a game-changer for us. It’s a huge part of why our customers choose us,” reports Carmie Murdaca, PayFacto UK Sales Operations Manager.

The Rapyd Payment Facilitator Partner Program offers unparalleled benefits, empowering businesses with global payment solutions and streamlined operations. By partnering with Rapyd, payment facilitators can unlock new avenues for growth and elevate their service offerings. Learn more about becoming a Rapyd Payment Facilitator Partner.

The Smart Partnership That Works Harder For You

Join the largest PaFacs across the EU and the UK who trust Rapyd’s acquiring platform, built bottom-up to support payment facilitation. Scale without the time or expense of building costly payments infrastructure or needing to take on tasks that aren’t core to your business. 

 Learn about how Rapyd supports ISO and ISV Partnerships.

Partner With Rapyd

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