Learn how to select the mass payout platform to streamline your digital disbursements globally.

What is a Mass Payout Platform?

A mass payout platform allows you to quickly and easily make a batch payout. This platform can help you streamline operations by creating multiple payouts for individuals or businesses in a single action. 

Mass payment platforms make global cash disbursements easier. The best ones include integrated fraud controls, all the necessary compliance frameworks, and the ability to handle foreign exchange (FX).

Common uses for mass payouts include sending rebates, earnings, commissions, rewards, and incentives. Companies that need to disburse funds worldwide can benefit from choosing the right mass payout platform, which enables speedy batch payments to multiple recipients regardless of location or currency.

Pay your partners and customers the way they prefer to get paid and reach new markets faster.

How Does the Mass Payout or Batch Payment Process Work?

Mass payout platforms help to simplify digital disbursements in three basic steps.

  1. To begin, your company uploads a list of payees or recipients to your payment platform. This is typically done by uploading a CSV file or XML script for secure processing.
  2. Your payment processor’s API will then process and validate the payouts. 
  3. Once the API validation process is complete, a report of the processed payouts is created and your recipients are notified. 

This is how payout solution providers can let you set up, manage and issue payments quickly. As more and more businesses go digital and make hires all over the world, fast and efficient payment is more important than ever. Mass payouts platforms let you streamline to save time,  money, and effort by handling vast amounts of payments or fund disbursements in a simple and optimized fashion with lower foreign exchange fees.

Features to Look For In A Mass Payout Platform 

What features do the best mass payout platforms have? Here are a few features you’ll want in whatever payment disbursement service you choose:

  • Near Real-Time Status Reporting. Keep your team and your vendors notified of payment status so no one’s in the dark about where the money is. This kind of detailed reporting might include transaction reporting, settlement notices, reconciliation updates, and beneficiary details.
  • An Easy-to-Use, Secure Platform. Make sure that any platform you choose to work with is user-friendly, can be accessed from anywhere, and has the best security. 
  • More Supported Countries. A platform with a global network, including affordable and secure payouts for all the countries you work with, is key — and can make it easy for your company’s future global growth.

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  • Locally Preferred Currencies and Payment Methods. If you’re wondering if you can make cash disbursements in different currencies, the answer is yes. The best disbursement solutions offer a global network with a range of supported currencies, cash disbursements, ACH Payments and secure payout methods for all the countries you work with.
  • Foreign Exchange. Do you need real-time exchange rates with your mass payout platform? It’s a good idea to get that feature built-in so you know what currency conversion you are getting.
  • Easy to Build and Modify. Get a platform with a Network Microservices Architecture and a flexible API that lets you add the payout features you want when you want them.

How to Choose the Right Mass Payout Company

There are multiple options for making mass payouts. When you need to pay beneficiaries all over the world as quickly as possible with the best support and flexible payment options, be sure to choose a mass payout platform that will deliver. 

Choosing the right global mass payment solution can make digital disbursements simpler for companies that use them. With a wide range of merchant locations and currencies, as well as a variety of payment options accepted, Rapyd can provide a comprehensive solution for local and international payment needs.

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