If you’re processing recurring payments or disbursements in the US, your most reliable, consistent and cost-effective option remains ACH. But not all ACH solutions are created equal.

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system is simply the most prolific payment network in the US. It is several times larger than any card or digital payment network, with more than 23 billion transactions and $51.2 trillion in volume every year—almost 10-times that of all US card purchasing volumes.1

Often legacy providers offer complex one-size-fits-all processing solutions that force customers to adapt specific payment nomenclature, settlement windows, file formatting, and SEC codes. This gets in the way of delivering great experiences. 

Rapyd’s approach to US ACH payments

The Rapyd Global Payments Network delivers a simpler payment experience through ACH. We take on the burden of managing all the complexities of batch settlement processes, delivering a simplified API experience so clients can focus on their core businesses, instead of learning the language of payment processing. 

By processing directly within the NACHA Network, Rapyd offers three key differences:

  1. Ease and speed of integration 
  2. Simplicity of API-delivery
  3. Same-day settlement within a global network for faster liquidity

Global coverage and features

Rapyd’s ACH product seamlessly unlocks collections and disbursements in the US and 100 other countries, including China, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Canada, Thailand and Singapore. Rapyd’s ACH offering includes:

  • For marketplaces, our wallet-based structure provides clients the ability to tailor the ACH experience for their sellers or sub-merchants. 
  • For gig-economy platforms, our ACH solution delivers a single integration to enable direct bank payouts in the US and 100 other countries at a reduced cost to push to card methods.
  • Account validation solutions to reduce fraudulent transactions and processing errors for our customers. 
  • Same-day settlement for customers collecting or disbursing funds across the Rapyd Global Payments Network

A better experience for you and your customers

Rapyd’s unique capabilities translate to faster liquidity, freeing up your customers’ ability to realize funds on their schedule. Rapyd’s Global Payment Network offers a fresh take on ACH by delivering an innovative approach on a global scale that remains reliable, compliant and tailored to meet your business goals domestically and worldwide.



1. https://www.pymnts.com/news/payment-methods/2019/nilson-report-united-states-payment-card-market-tops-6t/

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