Building Bold Takes Partnership and Collaboration

If you’re building an app in 2022 to monetize through advertising, you’re dead. If you’re building a business and trying to go it alone and build everything from scratch, you’re dead. Ad revenues are down. Global economies are struggling. Collaboration with the right partners adds rocket fuel to your business strategy. 

Right now, you need to be thinking about your business in terms of what financial services you can offer your users to keep them coming back and who can you partner with to outsmart your competition. Look at how companies like Uber, Apple and WeChat are using ecosystem business models and fintech as a growth strategy. 

Traditionally, businesses wanted to partner with a payment provider for their acceptance capabilities. But we know now fintech is a much bigger opportunity.

Fintech integrated with software enables you to:

  • Move beyond transactions to an actual relationship with your users
  • Gain smarter cross-sell opportunities and lower your risks
  • Create greater revenue opportunities than with software and ad revenue 

Collaboration is The Key To Thriving in The Ecosystem Economy

Business leaders I talk with all over the globe believe their current business model will be unrecognizable in five years and that ecosystems are the primary change agent. The pandemic taught us many things, but for me, the key lesson was that companies focused on collaboration, ecosystem participation and partnership were the winners. The losers tried to go it alone. 

Fintech is quickly becoming the common connective tissue enabling new ecosystems to thrive.  

The pandemic accelerated the need of every business, large and small, to participate in digital ecosystems for trade, procurement, and labor: whether on a gig platform to find and pay workers, a B2B trade platform for supplies, or a cross-border B2B eCommerce marketplace to sell globally.

Even the local restaurant owner who was shut down during lockdowns, quickly learned that if they participated in the food delivery and take-out ecosystem their business could survive and even thrive using a completely new business model that changed overnight. At Rapyd, we believe this is the tip of the iceberg. Everywhere we turn we find new global orchestrators of trade and commerce in every industry, vertical, and corner of the globe. 

Let’s Build the Ecosystem Economy Together

Rapyd’s Fintech as a Service platform already powers some of the most prolific B2B and B2C ecosystem businesses around the world. We are uniquely positioned to be the underlying payments and fintech infrastructure to support ecosystem business models. Our platform easily can serve the needs of both enterprises like Google and Uber as well as local SMEs. 

Fintech as a Service combines payments, payouts, wallet and card issuing on one global platform

Available in over 100 countries, Rapyd has the only globally relevant fintech and payments partner program that enables businesses to accept, disburse, hold and transfer funds. No matter what you’re building, selling or creating – partnering with Rapyd can help you better serve your customers and grow your business. 

Today I’m proud to announce our latest Rapyd partnerships. These trailblazers are orchestrating new innovations harnessing the power of partnerships.


With Rapyd as a payments partner, Alpaca, an API-first crypto and stock investing platform, helps developers and businesses build or embed financial tools so millions of underserved investors can get access to crypto, stocks, market data, and more.


Pay-by-bank network Banked allows businesses to accept instant account-to-account payments. Banked delivers cost savings, volume uplift, fraud efficiencies, and improved acceptance rates to consumers, merchants and partners. Together, Rapyd and Banked will deliver the best end-to-end customer experience to drive conversion.


Nexio offers risk-free embedded payment solutions using Rapyd’s vast disbursement capabilities throughout Latin America. 


Norbr leverages Rapyd’s extended payment method network to deliver the best conversion for every client.


Primer’s payment and commerce automation platform gives merchants the underlying infrastructure they need to build better buying experiences, including access to Rapyd’s global payment services.


Spreedly’s Payments Orchestration platform lets merchants and merchant aggregators increase payments flexibility and drive more digital revenue by leveraging a massive ecosystem of payment services – including Rapyd’s global payments network.

Partner with Rapyd

Talk to us about how we can help liberate global commerce for your business and how fintech can help expand your platform business model.

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