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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Is an eCommerce Platform for WordPress Websites

As a plugin, WooCommerce allows users to add an online shop to their site to sell their goods and services. It is open source, which means users control the software themselves and are able to modify the code to customize it to their own specifications. The basic plugin is free, but additional extensions are available, including:

  • WooCommerce payment gateways to accept a variety of payment methods at checkout including cards, bank transfers, ewallets and cash.
  • Shipping extensions that let users print packing slips, labels and invoices, track shipments or get discounts from delivery companies
  • Marketing extensions that offer integration with other platforms like HubSpot or Facebook
  • Operational extensions that let users automatically follow up with customers, offer live chat or give site visitors the option to request add-ons like personal messages or gift wrapping

How to Add a Custom Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

Many merchants want the ability to accept popular payment methods in countries where they do business – such as adding Paytm to WooCommerce in India, or Boleto Bancario in Brazil. Other merchants want the ability to add WooCommerce Recurring Payments.

The Rapyd Payments Plugin for WooCommerce, provides all this and more. It lets you implement a checkout experience that supports your buyers’ preferred payment methods in 100+ countries.

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