If you’re planning a short-term event, whether that’s a market stall, concert, or dining experience, chip & PIN machine hire can make everything that extra bit smoother. Although it might seem like less hassle and expense to have everyone pay with cash, here are some reasons a chip & PIN machine is well worth the extra few minutes out of your day:


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Despite many people having concerns over the security of their card details, it’s actually much easier to manage payments using a chip and pin machine during a busy event. Cash, on the other hand, needs to be closely monitored and kept in a safe box. If you’re hiring temporary staff to help you at your event or you’re not always available to man the till, there’s also an increased risk of money going missing.


Because it’s so easy to pay by card these days, many people won’t be carrying cash. Lots of customers might approach your desk with items they’d like to purchase, only to leave disappointed and empty-handed when they find out you don’t accept card. Although having an ATM nearby could help to remedy this problem, you don’t want to risk losing out on any sales, so it’s best to be ready with chip & PIN machine hire.


Having a chip & PIN machine sends out the message that your company means business. While smaller start-ups may be limited to accepting cash, having the option of card payments indicates a level of professionalism. Customers will be more likely to trust you more and take you seriously, which is especially important if you’re looking to attract new clients at your event.


Cash transactions can actually take quite a long time, especially when customers don’t have the exact change. This can also be a problem if you run out of change to give back to those visiting your event, as this means lost sales. Counting all your cash at the end of an event and banking it also eats into precious time. Chip & PIN machine hire takes away most of these problems.

Although some customers will still choose to pay with cash, a large portion of the payments will be taken care of quickly and stored securely.

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