Many shops offer contactless payments, and customers are quickly responding to this new trend. Given that contactless payments are fast and easy, the increased speed of payment has benefits for both the consumer and retailer, which is fuelling the rise in use.

However, there have been a few queries surrounding the security of contactless payments, given that a PIN does not need to be entered. In one on one situations with customers, retailers might not know enough information to explain the security features contactless offers to convince them to use it.

However, it is the job of the retailer to understand the complexities of these machines and the concerns of customers. As such, we have written a few points highlighting key information on the safety of contactless payments, so that you know exactly what to tell your customers to make them feel safe.

Contactless payments are extremely secure

There really shouldn’t be any security worries or issues about paying with contactless cards. Since customers still must use your card for payments, you get the same protection advantages as you would with chip & PIN over carrying cash around with you. Equally, all contactless cards and other devices have many layers of code and security protocols embedded within both the software and the hardware to protect against crime.

Furthermore, contactless payments only occur when the card or other device is within a few centimetres of a device that is set up and ready to receive payment, which makes it almost impossible for information to be intercepted. Equally, even if information were intercepted, the information obtained by a criminal would be of limited use and would pose less risk than if they had a physical copy of the customer’s card. Any information intercepted would not be enough to make a cloned version of the card used, again showing how safe the process is.

In addition, contactless cards occasionally ask the user to enter their PIN, just to offer an extra layer of protection against misuse.

As such, contactless cards and contactless payments are an extremely safe way to pay for transactions. Given the added benefits they have of increasing the speed of the transaction, it’s no wonder that they are increasingly being used as the default method of payment in the UK!

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